favorite slow cooker recipes

I’m a huge fan of my slow cooker. But whenever I tell people, they respond with “yea, I guess I use it for pulled pork or beef stew.”

Like those are the only two things you can make in a slow cooker.

I love dumping the ingredients in the morning and then coming home to a great-smelling apartment with dinner ready to devour ASAP. I’ve been told that I probably shouldn’t leave something plugged in and running all day when I’m not home. Oh well.

I found a ton of recipes on Six Sisters’ Stuff. And they make pretty large quantities, so I always have leftovers for lunch the next day

Here are some of my favorite not-pulled-pork-or-beef-stew recipes for the slow cooker:

The slow cooker has been a huge help as we try to save money and eat at home. If you don’t have one, you really need it. Definitely a must-have on a wedding registry. And they come in cool patterns! 

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