Favorite Podcasts

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These are not in any particular order… I listen to them all frequently. And I can’t wait for season 2 of Serial to come out!!

  1. Elise Gets Crafty: Every time I listen to this podcast, I come away with goals for my blog and ready to start on a new project. I’m definitely going to buy Elise’s “Get to Work Book” for my 2016 planner. I’m already so excited to hit my goals for my blog and my life.
  2. Modern Sewciety: This one is amazing for quilters. It’s about modern fabrics and modern quilting. It has really opened my mind to new fabric collections and designers. I love traditional quilts with modern fabrics, so I have learned so so so much
  3. Woolful: One of my crafty friends from school got me addicted to this podcast. It’s all about knitting! and wool! It just makes me want to knit knit knit all the time. Don’t be surprised if you get something knitted for a Christmas gift, because I will be knitting. There’s also a woolful mercantile/ shop where you can buy locally sourced, naturally dyed yarn.
  4. Marriage Is Funny: My husband and I listen to this (I’ve listened to all of them, and he only just started), so we’re starting to discuss some of their topics.
  5. Mystery Show: This is just fun.  You just have to listen to it.
  6. Start Up: So educational and an important display of how hard it is to be an entrepreneur! Starting your own business is not easy – if you’re thinking about it, listen to this first. Then don’t quit your day job.