“Fabulous Feline” AKA crazy cat lady Fabric

This is my favorite fabric ever!! I found it at an antique store in Andover, NJ. Unfortunately, I was only able to buy a half yard. I JUST found more of it on etsy…

I might need to buy a yard and make an apron… But I have currently settled on framing them.

That’s right. I’m framing each kitten individually. #crazycatladystatus

But they’re so cute!

I started by cutting out each set – square is kind of impossible in this situation.

I bought some 8×10 frames at Wal-mart and cut them to fit the frame. Adding fabric as necessary…
This little guy is my fav 🙂

Eric wanted to share a picture of the sewing process….

I sewed the fabric strips to the cat pattern..

Then trimmed and slid into the frame..

I made a few…

And then decided the frames needed to be gold…

And lined up on my shelf…

I really like the gold 🙂 And the Valspar Metallic Gold Spray Paint is AMAZING!! It doesn’t look painted at all.

Stefanie really wants all of them in her gallery wall, so I’ll probably just keep the cat with the milk cup lol

Hope this was entertaining for you! Have a great day!