Essential Supplies for Quilting

A few weeks ago I compiled a list of Essential Sewing Supplies, and now it’s time for the quilting supplies 🙂 I usually quilt more than I sew apparel, so these supplies are always nearby.

Essential Quilting Supplies so you can be ready to finish your first quilt!

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  1. Sewing Machine
    A quality sewing machine is essential for quilting. THis powerful little machine will get through all your projectsJanome is one of the top quilting sewing machine brands. Super reliable! There are many local suppliers that will help you choose the right machine and teach you how to use it.
    I have an Elna Excellence, which is owned and produced by Janome.
  2. Straight-Stitch Machine
    an industrial-strength straight stitch machine is perfect for serious quiltersIf you only want to make quilt tops and love the straight-line quilting style, maybe try this Juki machine. Probably not a machine for a beginner, and you can’t really use it for all of your apparel, but it’s a great machine!
  3. 1/4″ seam footthe 1/4" seam foot will make quilting so much easier! this one came with my machine.This is life-changing! And it guides the fabric, so you’re able to sew a little faster without the fabric sliding away.
  4. Walking Foot
    a walking foot will easily guide all 3 layers of fabric through the machine while quiltingNecessary to guide all 3 layers of fabric/batting through the machine at the same time. Some new (expensive) machines have already built in.
  5. Quilting Needles
    make sure you have the right needle for your quilting project!
    On my old machine, I was breaking needles and the machine was stalling constantly… I finally found quilting and topstitch needles, and I was able to go through all the layers of fabric 🙂
  6. Quilting Gloves
    quilting gloves grip the fabric and relieve tension in wrists and shoulders
    I didn’t want to buy these, because they’re ugly – let’s be honest. They really help grip the fabric to guide it through the machine. It alleviates a lot of back and shoulder pain.
  7. Basting Spray
    pin-basting was still causing some puckering when I quilted, so I tried spray basting, and it changed my life!
    Pins are awful. Spray basting is a million times easier, although definitely more expensive. The pins are reusable, but spray runs out. It definitely keeps all the layers together smoothly, and I’m able to quilt without puckers
  8. Wonder Clips
    wonder clips are so helpful with binding, and the colors are great too!
    I’m terrible at binding, so nothing really helps, but these are cute. Everyone seems to love these, so I figured they should be on the list.
  9. Masking Tape
    use masking tape for laying the quilt backing and batting, and to mark lines on your quilt top while sewing - no damage to the fabric
    Necessary for laying our backing and batting. And I use it to mark the straight lines on the quilt top when I’m quilting. I prefer to use the 1inch tape.
  10. Batting
    make sure you use the best batting for your projects so they last for years!
    I only use 100% cotton, because it’s warmer. Polyester batting and the cheaper brands pull through the fabric after a lot of use.
  11. Rotary Cutter, Rulers, Mat
    a sharp rotary cutter is essential for quilting projects. Buy the biggest mat your space allows!Need to cut the fabric 🙂 Buy the largest mat you can fit in your house! You won’t regret it.

And of course fabric!! But you already knew that 🙂

What do you use for quilting? Did I miss anything?