Essential Sewing Supplies

essential sewing supplies

This list isn’t about the top 10 supplies, or the ultimate list of supplies, but just everything you NEED to get started sewing. My mom sewed when I was little, so I had a lot of these things lying around… eventually I went to college and moved on my own, and I realized I was missing a few things.

I also threw in a few standard books that I go back to again and again for tips! So much information is available online, but sometimes it’s nice to know exactly where to look …. instead of getting lost in pretty photos of craft rooms on pinterest 🙂

And – fabric and thread are pretty obvious right? I’m not putting them on this list…

Ok, let’s get started!

Must-Have Sewing Supplies for Beginners

  1. Sewing Machine
    I learned on a Singer machine bought at Sam’s Club, and I was able to do a lot with it, but it died pretty quickly (I also never oiled it, so who knows who’s at fault here). I have an Elna, owned by Janome, and I think these are the best ever! This beginner, cheaper model from their new MOD collection is adorable! And trust me – you really only need those 19 stitches.
    There’s also this Hello Kitty model that would be great if you want your kids to start sewing…
    essential sewing supplies for beginners sewing machine
  2. Gingher Scissors
    These are the best of the best. My sewing teacher in college had everyone order them, and I’m so glad we did! I also learned from a sewing shop, that if you keep the tin box Gingher will sharpen the scissors for free 🙂
    Buy the 8-inch dressmaking shears and the 4-inch embroidery scissors . Sometimes they have pretty colors for the handles, so look for those too 🙂
    essential sewing supplies for beginners scissors
  3. An Iron:
    I have a Rowenta Iron that I love, but this one has a lot of good reviews, and it’s made by sewing people 🙂
    essential sewing supplies iron
  4. Measuring Tape
    You can buy any flexi tape that you want – but this link shows 12 for $5!!! in fun colors!!
    Phew, I am so excited about that. I will probably be buying that pack and including it in so gift baskets this Christmas… so my family should not be surprised if you get one in your Christmas stocking.
    PS- you should just own one of these whether or not you sew – if you ever need to take your own measurements (buying clothes online), you will need this.
    essential sewing supplies measuring tape
  5. Straight Pins
    Lot of options out there – I recommend buying long pins, so they go through several layers of fabric. You can pick whatever you want, but these are pretty cute 🙂 and you can never have too many
    essential sewing supplies straight pins
  6. Pin Cushion
    So many cute pin cushions out in the world – check out etsy, too. But you should always have a tomato. The little strawberry hanging off the top has emory beads to sharpen and clean needles. It’s really handy. I have 2 🙂 and they’re both full of pins…
    essential sewing supplies pin cushion
  7. Bobbins
    You will always need more! I never had enough and I was constantly unraveling things to add a new thread color. Janome says that you should only use their brand of bobbin in the maching – I don’t know if that’s really true, but my machine was expensive and I don’t want to mess it up buy being cheap 🙂
    essential sewing supplies bobbins
  8. Needles
    These are the best! I legitimately notice a difference when I use these needles – so splurge (maybe? I still don’t think they’re expensive) and buy these instead 🙂 also, you need to buy the correct needles for your project – denim, knit, silk, etc….
    And I found these at my local Wal-mart, so just look for sewing supplies wherever you’re shopping!
    essential sewing supplies needles
  9. Seam Ripper
    I just use the seam ripper that came with my machine, but in case you lose it or your machine is missing the seam ripper, here’s a link to one. Definitely needed, but you might have one already!
    essential sewing supplies seam ripper
  10. Sewing Gauge
    I use this all the time… and for some reason I can’t find my right now… So I’ll be out buying a new one tonight. You really need this if you’re sewing any seams, and you should be double checking your seams ALL THE TIME when you’re sewing. Since I lost mine, I’ve been guessing lately… not a good idea…
    essential sewing supplies gauge
  11. Chalk Pencil
    You need this for marking darts and spots for embellishments, definitely necessary for sewing apparel, I don’t use it a ton when quilting, but it’s good to have around.
    essential sewing supplies chalk pencil
  12. Rotary Cutter Set
    If you’re a quilter, you’ll definitely need this! You probably won’t use it as much with apparel sewing. I even use it for scrapbooking (not good – the blade dulls really fast – but useful when you’re cutting rectangles for project life). And rotary cutters come in all kinds of fun colors, so pick out something you’ll love!
    essential sewing supplies rotary kit
  13. Sewing Basket
    I love that there are so many different styles of sewing baskets – I have all my stuff all over the place, but it’s great to throw the essentials in here when I’m traveling with my machine.
    essential sewing supplies sewing basket
  14. Singer New Sewing Essentials
    I use this book ALL THE TIME to remember how to put in zippers, the different names of seams, and just the correct way of doing things. I was just looking over the descriptions of stabilizers yesterday (btw, once I have that world figured out, I’ll share it with you). This book has it’s own list of supplies, in case I missed anything.
    essential sewing supplies book
  15. Quilt in a Day Log Cabin
    I love this book! I love making log cabins! It’s a great place to start with quilting, and everyone (EVERYONE) should make one some day. Just my opinion…
    essential sewing supplies quilting book