Entry Way Christmas Tree

12 13 entry way tree-8

Sometimes one tree is just not enough… so here’s our second one 🙂

During the summer, I have hanging plants in the entry way. But they almost died once it started getting colder :/ one plant definitely died.

The entry way still needed some life, so we bought a real tree for the first time in a while. And it was such a beautiful day! I’ve never bought a Christmas tree in a t-shirt before.
12 13 entry way tree-6

12 13 entry way tree-7

loading the tree onto the passat!

12 13 entry way tree-2

eric forgot to have the end trimmed at the farm stand

12 13 entry way tree-5

I love the glitter ribbon on this tree – I might add some to the main tree next year.

Not only does the tree look great in the window when the Christmas lights are on, but it smells amazing when you walk inside! This was the perfect spot, and I’m definitely putting up a live tree here next Christmas.

12 13 entry way tree-8