Engagement Party

So I realized that I wrote a post about my engagement party on Cafe Pierrot’s blog but forgot to write about it on mine!! It was all the way back in June… but my mom did a great job planning it and it was fantastic 🙂 It would have been even better if it didn’t randomly downpour during the 15 minutes my sister was giving a boat tour around the lake, but you really can’t foresee those things… people were soaked and still had fun 🙂

we had a nautical-themed party with blue and white everywhere 🙂 and of course, “tying the knot”

Cafe Pierrot made these fantastic cookies for the party 🙂 The personalization on the sail was the perfect little detail.

all the desserts 🙂 ps- my dad’s Le Cordon Bleu diploma is in the background!

I wish I had more pictures of the guests and Eric and me, but it rained and no one wanted a picture after getting soaked. Hope these pics provide some inspiration for your own party!