Easter Embroidery

With Easter coming up this Sunday (can you believe that??? I’ve completely lost track of time during this quarantine), I wanted to show you what I made for Easter last year!

I did share this on Instagram and documented the pieces somewhere. But projects never feel official unless they’re on my blog!

Obviously started with a bunch of 4″ embroidery hoops. I use this printed, self-adhesive, water soluble paper to print the pattern, and then just stitch through it. The needle does get a little sticky, but it’s better than tracing. Then, once you’re done, you soak the fabric in water and the pattern dissolves.

I found embroidery images on pinterest… some of them were free patterns, and others I edited the image to a black/white/trace image… It was last year, so I don’t have the sources for them any more.

Then… cut the fabric in a circle to fit the hoop and gather the backing to clean it up.

As cute as the knotted bunny tails look… Pretty sure I was sick of making embroidery knots after all of these projects.

I thought I made more than 6 of these… but these are the photos that I have… so I guess I didn’t finish all of them.

Loved how they looked on my table. And I’m sad that we won’t have our usual Easter dinner with our families this year ?

These were such a fun little project. If you made a bunch of these, they would be a fun wall decoration or part of a gallery wall. Or make one every year and grow the collection over time (instead of being a crazy person like me and trying to make 10 in one week). If you decide you really like embroidery, you could start building seasonal collections to change out the wall display every few months.

Which one is your favorite? Do you have any future embroidery plans?