DIY Wanderlust Globe and travel traditions

 photo 7 21 globe-11_zps7tpyy0gq.jpg

So excited to finally finish a project I’ve been thinking about for a while. I saw these at Anthropologie (now sold out), but they were over $100. No way I was going to buy that, unfortunately.
 photo 7 21 globe-16_zpsihn4yoab.jpg I was going to buy a globe on Amazon for painting, but I still thought they were too expensive for something I was going to paint over. Also, they all had plastic stands which just seemed too light and flimsy. I knew I could spray paint the base gold it if I had to buy one.

But then I found one at my favorite antique shop for $12. Yes, only $12. It had a gold metal base!!! and a few tears from being old, but it would work.

It also had the USSR and Yugoslavia, but I was painting over it 🙂 hahaha But definitely something to think about if you’re looking for a globe at an thrift store/antique shop.
 photo 7 21 globe-14_zpsrbtc4usm.jpg So I started the process of painting. I still do not know how to remove the globe from the base. I tried my best.
 photo 7 21 globe-15_zpsx4wdotxw.jpg I started with blue for the water, and then grey for the land.

I was pretty happy to see the Anthro version wasn’t too picky about the country outlines – it is really hard to outline Italy with a paintbrush…

Then I used my favorite 18k Gold Leafing Pen to outline the countries/ continents. I find this pen works so much better than a gold Sharpie.
 photo 7 21 globe-10_zpsrbjc5ggh.jpg I love how it turned out and it’s now displayed on a small bookshelf (sorry for the weird beam of light. It’s coming from the fish tank….)
 photo 7 21 globe-12_zpscrdydnqy.jpg You can write the continent and ocean names on the globe with the gold pen, but I decided to start a new tradition with this globe – every new country that Eric and I visit, we will color in with the gold. Hoping to fill in the entire globe with gold paint!!

Do you have any fun travel traditions? We always buy these country Starbucks mugs. I say always, but I guess we only just started 🙂 My sis and I always buy one of the city mugs for my mom when we go new places, so she has a bunch.
 photo 7 21 globe-13_zpsaym0srbj.jpg When I or my coworkers travel for work or vacation, we bring back magnets for each other – there are quite a few from Brazil because some of the team members went there a few times…
 photo 7 21 globe-1_zpsxuhuwnu2.jpgLet me know if you try and paint a globe!! It’s really fun, easy, and looks great as decor.
 photo 7 21 globe-11 copy_zps4ojeghyb.jpg