DIY Chair Covers

DIY chair recovering on MostlySewing.comThese chairs were one more of our New Year’s Day projects, and I forgot to post them!

Stef was able to buy all 4 chairs for $60 from a local antique shop, but they had painted the cushions white and we didn’t like the texture.

*side note – why is everyone obsessed with painting couches? the fabric is not comfortable…

Stef bought the fabric at the Crate and Barrel outlet and got a great deal on it. She was kind of scared to do anything with these after the difficulty with the headboard… but it’s super easy! we just pulled out the staples and then cut the fabric to the same size.

We made sure each piece was cut with the same stripe pattern. We added an extra layer of batting to make them a little softer.

Then just staple the fabric and batting to the underside of the cushion, and it’s done!

DIY chair recovering on

And the finished product!!

DIY chair recovering on


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  1. March 3, 2015 / 11:01 am

    So cute & simple! I love the fabric choice! – The Happy Closet