DIY Blanket Ladder

DIY Blanket Ladder on MostlySewing.comLast week, Paper and Stitch made this ladder that did not require any power tools and I loved it. My husband would never let anything in our house that was completely held together by hot glue…. so we had to use some power tools. Our use of tools was not really professional or recommended, soooo I’m not going to post photos of that.


  • 4 – 16″ segments of 1″ dowel (I bought two 3ft 1″ dowels and cut them down)
  • 2 – 1×2 5ft  pieces of wood (you will probably need to have 6ft pieces cut down to 5ft)
  • hot glue
  • 1-inch drill bit

We drilled the holes for the rungs 1-foot apart, with the top rung only 6-inches from the top.

Once the rungs were in place, I just used the hot glue to made sure they didn’t move around.

Just hang the blankets, and we’re done!

Super easy, and it looks great!