Disney Princess Enchanted 10k

We loved this 10k much more than we expected. I usually think you should run a half marathon if you go to a half festival, and running just a 5k or 10k is kind of boring (no offense to everyone who does)… but I would say this race is totally worth the trip to Disney, even without running the half marathon.

10k Route

When you run the Princess Half, you don’t run around the World Showcase at Epcot. The 10k does, and the trip around the world is magical. Since we were running in the dark, the whole showcase was lit up and beautiful. The lines weren’t very long for the characters, and you’ll look better in photos since you’re only running six miles! haha

This race also has different characters than the other races – liked the Aristocats and some others that I can’t remember and we didn’t stop for (oops…)

Running through the boardwalk area was different and also really pretty. Since that part of the park looks like the Jersey Shore boardwalk (I think?), it kind of reminded me of any run I would take on vacation.

I kept stopping Stef to look at the view and try to remember everything!

meeting the aristocats in paris epcot during the enchanted 10k

2017 Conditions

Of course, we still needed to wake up at 3:30am and get on a bus. We put out our outfits the night before to get dressed super fast and then listened to some fun wake up music in the morning. The crazy thing about early early morning races: we got back to our hotel with time to take a nap before the parks even opened!

As far as the run goes, I (Danielle) had a cold so I wasn’t running my best. I run 6 miles often, but I just couldn’t catch my breath because I was sick and congested. Stef felt great, but she hung back with me of course 🙂

We loved the chilly morning for running which warmed up a little bit throughout the race. I wore the short-sleeve 10k t-shirt, and Stef wore her long-sleeve Glass Slipper challenge tee with matching Sparkle Skirts.

sisters run the disney princess enchanted 10k

Recap Video

As you may know, Stefanie and I take full advantage of Instagram Stories. If you missed our fun videos during the race… don’t worry! Here’s a video with all of our craziness!