Declan’s Quilt: Gingham Daydream

Hi everyone! It has been a while!

I haven’t been sewing as much as I want to be, but I have had a few projects that I want to save on here! Sometimes if I don’t blog about something, I completely forget that I made it at all! So I’m on here trying to document what I’ve been working on, and catch upon the ones I never posted.

We’ll start with the quilt I made just a few weeks ago for my cousin, Jamie! I made one of my first quilts for her back when she had Beckett (see, this is why I have to blog about everything I make!), and of course I wanted to make one for Declan!

Here are the specifics:

About Gingham Daydream

This quilt pattern goes together pretty quickly if you use a precut pack. I usually have problems with measuring and trimming. In the first one I made, a lot of the squares didn’t line up… because I’m not a perfect cutter 😬 but using a layer cake helped.

I needed something that was quick, because as usual, I was waiting until the week of the shower to make it. And I was only working on it after Henry went to sleep. I would have loved to make a larger pattern, but the layer cake only works in the baby throw size.

I think this is the third quilt in this pattern, and I may make more… or I’ll take a break from it and find a new quick but pretty pattern. I also love that this pattern shows off the fabric well if you have something with fun details or want to do “fussy cutting.”

The tricky thing about quick quilt patterns, is they’re usually not interesting enough. So I look for patterns that are interesting but still quick, and one way is a pattern that uses pre-cuts so I can save time on quilting. Or I’ll make a pattern that has a lot of chain piecing.

Choosing “Smoke & Rust”

In the past, I have not really cared about the recipient’s nursery style and just made a quilt that I liked. Recently, I’ve tried to get it to match something on their registry… but I think in some cases that might be leaving me a little less inspired to finish the project 😳 Especially since the quilt will be around for longer than the nursery decor!

But this time it worked out 😊 I loved this collection, and I think it went with the items Jamie had registered for.

Piecing the Batting

I believe I made this method up, so maybe don’t quote me on this. Just going to tell you what I did:

Before I started the project, I strongly believed I had an extra pack of batting around (should I just buy a bolt?? Probably, but after my house is done with construction). Unfortunately, I could not find it and everyone was out of Quilter’s Dream cotton!!! Joann’s hasn’t been great about carrying any cotton battings lately (at least the one by me), so I had to raid my stash.

I’m kind of a hoarder with batting. It’s so expensive, and then I have all the edges leftover at the very least. So I save everything in case I have the urge to make millions of pot holders. Spoiler alert: I have never done that. I just have bins of batting scraps in my sewing room.

But I finally got to use them! I picked 2 large pieces, and zig zag stitched them down the middle so as not to add any bulk. I was worried they wouldn’t stay together or something, but quilting fixes everything later.

I will be doing this again and working through my stash of batting scraps 🎉 I just wish I had them sorted by content because occasionally I buy a poly blend 😳 Oh look a quilt! It’s been a while! This pattern comes together quickly and looks great! #quilting #quiltersoftiktok #sewingtiktok #sewsew #lovetosew ♬ Luxury fashion (no vocals) – TimTaj


Another product I should buy in a bolt: stripe binding. I got this idea from Red Pepper Quilts who makes the most beautiful scrappy quilts you’ve ever seen. She typically uses a stripe binding, and I love how it adds a graphic modern element to every quilt. And it even works well on traditional quilts, without making them too modern 😊

I had half a yard of navy stripe, but needed black or grey…. And usually I need to order it from Fabric Bubb, but fortunately my local Joann’s has started keeping one in stock to keep my lack-of-planning self moving ahead. For the record, the Dear Stella stripe is far better quality. But this is what happens when you don’t even have time for Amazon Prime.

I went to Joann’s the same day I was leaving for SC.

Came home, added the binding, through the quilt in the washer/dryer, then packed my suitcase and went to the airport!

Jamie’s Shower

And here are a few photos of the shower, which was beautiful. I miss my cousins and their sweet boys so much. I can’t wait for Henry to have a little friend in Declan, and I’m hoping they have all the adventures Jamie and I had when we were kids.