Day 8: Stefanie’s Festive NY Apartment

Stefanie has a lot of Christmas spirit, and fortunately she found a roommate who loves Christmas just as much. Since this was their first Christmas in their beautiful Manhattan apartment, they went all out with a 9-ft tree (which looks due to their massive ceilings)and garland on the stairs.

Stef already has metallic throughout her home, but it’s extra sparkly this time of year. Of course, she baked cookies any time she was home (which isn’t too often because she travels for work)…

And her roommate is always appreciative. Side note, Stef is gluten-free, so she can’t even eat the cookies she makes….

Most of the ornaments are from the Crate & Barrel outlet here in NJ, and other ornaments are from West Elm during a post-Christmas sale.

Christmas disco lights, twinkle lights, garland, and santa hats…. everything you need to trim the tree!

Yes, they do have a GIANT WINDOW with a view of the city from the next-to-top floor… These girls are living their best lives.

And of course, a tribute to what keeps Stef going all day…. coffee coffee coffee.

Check out Stef’s apartment from 2015 in this post.

They hosted a really fun Christmas party in the small, festive apartment and take advantage of their beautiful space as often as possible.