Day 2: Shop Local

You’re probably going to a lot of parties this time of year, and maybe you’re not sure what gift to pick up for the host or hostess at the next event. Or you might be tired of getting the same things all the time…. I have a few recommendations for ways to shop local and find the perfect hostess gift…

  • Local Handmade Goods: Handmade products are extremely popular now, so  you should be able to find these items in coffee shops, small “downtown” shops, farmer’s market, or a Christmas Craft Fair
    • Candles: Pick a wintry scent like balsam or cinnamon! Handmade Candles are really the best way to go if you’re going to get candles, because they usually have fewer dyes or processed ingredients (if any).
    • Ceramics: a handmade ceramic mug is always appreciated – perfect for the coffee or tea lover, so you can’t go wrong! And serving bowls are another great addition to the hostess’ collection.
    • Coasters or Potholders: A lot of quilters make these (including me! I just don’t sell them), and holiday-themed pieces are the best this time of year. You don’t have to worry about it clashing with their other decor, because it’s just Christmas!
    • Baked Goods! You could make them yourself, but you may not have time (especially if you’re a musician this time of year…), so try your local small bakery and see what they offer for Christmas cookies 🙂
    • Stay away from anything more like artwork unless you know their style… Chances are they won’t use it if it doesn’t match, and you’re just adding to their clutter.
  • Vintage Items: I guess this depends on the hostess, but a pretty vase or vintage teapot can add character to a home, so I think they would be a welcome and unique gift. Again, nothing that can clash too much… but something white or Christmas-themed would work in most homes 🙂 My town has SO MANY antique shops, so I just rummage around for a few minutes and find cute things!
  • Christmas Cactus or Wreath: I love bringing plants to my friends’ homes! If you can find it at your local garden center, it’s even better! To be honest, a wreath might be too expensive… I haven’t bought one in a while, but check out the garden center, and I’m sure you’ll find something.

I think I might be one of the few people who loves the concept of giving hostess gifts. They can just be a small sign of appreciation for your friend who is being so hospitable. And they seem especially necessary if you’re not bringing part of the meal… Not saying I do this all the time, but I’m trying!

Of course, these ideas work for so many events where you need a small gift…. but more on that in another post!