Day 1: Festive Decorations

So I’m going to try 12 Days of Christmas (ending on Christmas). I know every one else started a yesterday or the day before, but I’m starting today (I’m also pretty sure that the 12 days are supposed to start on Christmas and go until Kings Day in January, but no one else seems to pay attention to these things)… Keep me accountable, friends!

I want to get back into blogging, and this seemed like a fun way to start things off.

Many of my decorations you’ve seen in other places on my blog. If I make things, I do try to use them every year! The biggest change this year was the plant situation. The pine tree doesn’t fit in well with the jungle growing in front of my window. I moved a few plants to the other side of the fireplace, but they don’t get a lot of sun, so that won’t be permanent.

Here’s a closer look at our coal fireplace!

  • Burlap Christmas Stockings from our first apartment
  • Pinecone Garland from 2013, as well
  • Green garland is from Michaels this year
  • Caroling and Shopping signs might be from TJMaxx or Homegoods… I bought them on post-christmas sale a few years ago…

I went in a little different direction from last years tree and chose more rustic and natural colors for the base ornaments. Last year I went with pink, blue, and green pastels, and I did save them for future use, but I love the pack I picked up from Michaels this year. These colors match the burlap, red, and grey color scheme much better than the others I had.

Sorry about the extremely bright windows! There’s snow outside… Here’s a link to my burlap tree skirt (also circa 2013).

One of my Cyber Monday purchases included these H&M Home pillow covers and inserts. They were between $4-$6 and the inserts were also under $10 (down feathers and very squishy!). I especially love the velvet one! I definitely should have picked a color other than dark grey, though… can’t really see it against the couch.

And remember my Christmas Triangle Quilt?  Still a favorite!

One of the highlights this year is our nativity set directly from Bethlehem! My parents had one from Bethlehem when I was growing up, and when we visited this year I knew it was on our list!

I love the placement next to my O Come Let Us Adore Him sign! Works together really well 🙂

Last month we made a big purchase that I’ve been thinking about for a long time… I’m absolutely in love with my baby grand piano! And those are holiday records from my parents 🙂

Not even Christmas carols, but when sheet music is wrapped up with red yarn it looks festive! Those snowflake burlap pillows in the background were from the Target dollar bins from a few years ago.

The center of my coffee table features a tray from Ikea (2016…. but they always have something like this) and some favorite holiday books! Also a snowglobe gift from my sister and some gifted coasters, as well!

This is my dining table currently…. definitely have mixed feelings about the napkin/placemat/ tablecloth combo (so that’s all of it)… but I have to tell you the table cloth is from H&M Home as well! Inexpensive, and love the color!

Also – I probably should have edited the wrinkles out of the photo… sorry if they bother you!

And my entry way!! I usually have a tree out here (and I’ll be honest that I prefer it with a tree), but that just didn’t happen this year. The current set up seems to be working! The box is handmade, and it’s the perfect spot to collect all of this year’s Christmas cards! Everything else is probably from Target during post-Christmas discounts from maybe 2 years ago.

One other thing…

I won an instagram giveaway for these cute candles from Lily & Val + Candelles. They’re both based out of PA and have adorable shops. I think I was supposed to give away at least one of the 3 candles, but I kept them to myself… and I love my house smelling like Christmas all the time!

Lily & Val

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this little walk through of my home for the holidays! I’ll be back tomorrow with more for the 12 Days of Christmas!