grey is my favorite color

ok, not quite…. but I love using grey as a neutral! I’ve always preferred cool and clean color schemes to the traditional beiges and browns. Fresh colors help me relax and breath after a hectic day.

When I was growing up, my love of cool colors resulted in baby blue bedroom walls (unfortunately, my comforter was also blue; grey walls would have been a perfect solution).

Grey and Yellow is a favorite combination for bedrooms and living areas. It’s welcoming, but also cool and fresh.

Did you see the pillows I made for my couch? I think they’re perfect for our space 🙂

The trouble with grey is picking the correct paint… For example, I wanted to paint my bedroom a very light grey to go with my “greige” comforter, and it turned out to be a light blue (similar to the walls in my pre-teen/teenage bedroom – so much for trying to match the Pottery Barn catalog). Of course, I wasn’t home during the painting, and no one noticed until 3 of the 4 walls were painted…. the walls are still pale blue. Our room doesn’t really get much light though, so most visitors don’t even notice.

Moral of the Story: be careful which paint you buy. If I had just bought Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams, I probably would have gotten the color I wanted. But I bought the cheapest brand at Lowe’s.

You should also be careful of the color undertones in the grey. My trick is just to see where that color is among the paint chips. If it’s near blues, the paint will probably have blue undertones. If you place it on a bright white surface, the true color will be more obvious. This goes for all neutrals/ whites. It really matters when the paint usually dries darker than you expect, and then it will look blue instead of grey…………

Another favorite look is light grey / white walls with bursts of color (I happen to love grey with pink) or gold accents. More inspiration below:




The pillows are probably my favorite part of this picture…

Love using fresh flowers as the pop of color!