Craft Room Tour!

 photo 5 28 craft room-15_zpshisyzl6y.jpg
Finally finally my craft room is clean and organized! These things take time… Eric is very happy to be able to walk across the floor without tripping. It was pretty messy…

Eric posted this photo on the day we closed on our house – I was ripping the ugly carpet out of this room within an hour

 photo 5 28 craft room-17_zpsyyhbih7s.jpg

and, as usual, my snaps from Saturday organizing…

 photo 5 28 craft room-18_zpscfqqad6e.jpg

 photo 5 28 craft room-6_zpsuvl1rdkw.jpgMy fabric is not as pretty and organized as some of those craft rooms on pinterest… but I don’t have that kind of time.

 photo 5 28 craft room-9_zpspjontzfn.jpg

My mom had this amazing antique Singer trash can! love it!
 photo 5 28 craft room-12_zpsu1tdlmrm.jpg
Also my mom’s antique sewing machine. Eric’s been buying me these Penguin classics for birthdays/holidays. They’re so pretty!
 photo 5 28 craft room-10_zpsrijnj4eq.jpg
 photo 5 28 craft room-15_zpshisyzl6y.jpg

I got the Expedit shelf on craigslist. Let me tell you, those things go fast. I was checking every hour for new listings and finally got an email back. It was a stressful two weeks searching for this thing….
 photo 5 28 craft room-14_zpsx2r55mrs.jpg

Antique thread display case from the Wilson’s 🙂
 photo 5 28 craft room-13_zpspz2bbnbs.jpg

I plan to paint over that globe someday, and I’ll probably re-ribbon the bulletin board soon. It needs a new color scheme… also, notice my obsessions with Target 3-ring binders
 photo 5 28 craft room-8_zps8b9o2fu9.jpg
My corner hutch was also a craigslist find 🙂 Previously seen as my china cabinet in the apartment…
 photo 5 28 craft room-7_zps5jfbypch.jpg
 photo 5 28 craft room-3_zpshdmmc3qk.jpg
The chair that will eventually be reupholstered… I apologize for the crazy window sunshine…
 photo 5 28 craft room-16_zpsm9eoamax.jpeg
I bought this rug from Urban Outfitters, and I’ll post a photo once it’s in place 🙂

Hope you like it!



  1. May 28, 2015 / 9:00 am

    This is adorable, Danielle! A perfect craft room. 🙂

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