Coronavirus Masks

I strongly considered not writing about this, because it’s really hard to have normal feelings about the situation. But I made them and decided to document the times. I didn’t buy any new fabric, just used scraps and old clothing.

I used the mask pattern by Made Everyday, but made binding strip ties instead of tshirt ties like she uses. But making binding ties takes a lot longer than tshirt ties ha

For these I used old pajama pants that I’d had laying around for years… I loved the patterns and colors (one pair was purple, the other green), so I waited until I had a purpose for them. And apparently it was masks, which made them a little better.

I made the purple for myself (with green on the inside) and green for Stefanie with purple on the inside. People suggested making the lining a different color, so I tried it. I also left a hole to insert a filter if we wanted.

and then we went to Target and bought a lot of after-Easter jellybeans. This is before I remembered to “smile with my eyes.”

Again, I didn’t want to post a photo of the masks because I have mixed feelings. I just knew I would want one for a scrapbook or something some day. Just in case.

Then I used some of Eric’s old shirts to make masks for him. He’s an essential worker, so I made two for him, since he’s out and about a lot more.

The others I made for Greg and my parents. I lined them all with a chambray.

Final Result!

As much as I didn’t want to make them, the fabrics were fun to work with. I’m always happy to spend a day sewing!

The next day was Easter. Normally I host dinner and make something nice for everyone… didn’t realize the Easter favors this year would be masks 🤪 Obviously, I didn’t host dinner with our extended family, but delivered the masks, so they could get to the store.

I will say that getting the hang of tying them and getting them to stay up can be a little tricky without elastic. Usually I tie the bottom one pretty tight, then pull my hair from under the tie, then I go over my ears and tie it pretty tight. Then I adjust it so I can put my hair over that one too… and it stays up 🤷🏻‍♀️ seems to be working for me.

What mask pattern have you been using so you can get to the grocery store? We’re also working on a house project, and end up at Home Depot/ Lowe’s. Trying to keep things to only once a week, though.