Completed Bedroom Renovation!

I thought I took more videos of the “before” stage of the renovation, but the baby’s room was my original craft room (since moved upstairs in the attic) and this was the hallway. I didn’t love our bedroom before, so I never took photos of it…

Back in April, we decided to gut and renovate both bedrooms. It was supposed to be just taking down plaster, putting in insulation, and replacing the walls… but then we decided we should put in a bathroom and walk-in closet while everything was gutted…

All the ceilings were dropped ceilings previously, so once those were out, we had 9-foot+ ceiling heights! In a small home, ceiling height can make the biggest difference.

There was a moment where we found a different house we considered buying, and I wanted to just patch everything up and move. Also, I was pregnant during the entire renovation (and it was only finished by week 38). OH and July was the hottest month in NJ history since the 1800s… and our bed was in the attic. AAAAAND we learned we had to replace our ENTIRE roof. The amount of money we spent left me with PTSD. Needless to say, this was an emotional experience.

I love the result but really hated the process.

We didn’t even DIY this one! We had no time, and I obviously couldn’t help at all. Of course, by the time we got a contractor to respond to us, we probably could have done it ourselves. Eric did do all the demo and framing before the contractor arrived, but we knew we didn’t want to do sheetrock and tiling after our bathroom renovation.

Our contractor was amazing, and it would not have been this perfect without him.

OK – here’s the walkthrough video (the same video was posted on IGTV if you saw it over there).

Source Details:

I bought most of our furniture on Facebook Marketplace or reused what we had.

Custom Fabric Bins tutorials:

Spoonflower wallpaper

Ikea Dressers (in closet)

Medicine Cabinets

Vanity(we really wanted to DIY the dresser like this one, but the supplies and time weren’t worth it).

Shower Glass

Faucet : I really wanted this one from Delta, but it was so expensive (and I had to buy 2)! I decided I could replace the cheaper one several times before getting close to the cost of the Delta option.

Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Cloud White I normally go for grey or cooler white but decided a slightly warm white would be best with the wood trim. And it magically didn’t clash with the white-white tile in the bathroom.

We made a special recipe for the stain color, and our contractor was a carpenter, so I don’t know what combination we ended up with on that!

Let me know if you want any more sources… I think that’s most of what we bought new.