christmas eve wrapping

each year on christmas eve, all of my extended family gets together to celebrate the holiday. one of our traditions is playing grabbag (which is just white elephant, except with nice gifts).

the kids never got to play grabbag, we just received gifts from one of the aunts and from grandma. this lasted until we were in high school, i think. then we were allowed to join in all the festivities (the adults usually sounded like they were having too much fun stealing each other’s presents while we were stuck in the den watching the lion king or something).

now that all the “kids” are in college, we all participate in the grabbag. this year, my mom wants to put in two amc theater gift cards. since they were from sam’s club, they didn’t come with a nice gift card holder, and i decided to make one. of course, i just googled “gift card holder pdf.” then i found the coolest template on this blog: her stocking gift card holder is really beautiful compared to mine…. but i tried my best with limited resources (i left most of my crafting materials at school :/ so i ran to walmart for scrapbook paper…)

this is the practice version. definitely a feeble first attempt. i found red paper in my mom’s office before i went to walmart, and i was bored, so i tried my best…

after i bought some cute paper, the stocking looked a little better, not very christmas-y, but cute.

once again, i’m sorry about the picture quality… i’m not sure what was going on with the lighting.

anyway, this is going to be the one of the grabbag gifts for my family. hopefully someone picks it for its packaging 🙂

Merry Christmas!!