Christmas Day Top (Marthe Blouse)

I love the Marthe Blouse, but last time I decided the size was too large. This time, I made it a few sizes smaller, and now it might be a little too small. Anyway, I knew I wanted to make this pattern in velvet because of the velvet trend this year, and it looked like it would be a comfy option.

Marthe Blouse in Velvet

Marte Blouse in burnt velvet from joann's fabric by MostlySewing

Can we talk about how this fabric is so beautiful?? Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pics while I was in church, playing violin, or at family dinner…. So we’re stuck with only these dress form pics in front of my pretty Christmas tree (don’t worry, I have officially taken down my Christmas Tree).

I made this one on Christmas Eve after the party, and it only took about 3 hours? Maybe? including the cutting, so I call that a win! I tried a different method for gathering the fabric along the peplum, and it was definitely faster than the traditional method.

I got so many compliments on this top while I was out and about on Christmas. My family went to church on Christmas morning, and my sister and I played violin/piano for Special Music. And while I loved the service, I think I decided that the day is more relaxing when there’s not a church service after breakfast…

Marthe Blouse by Mostly Sewing in Burnt velvet from Joann's Fabric from Christmas Day

I also made this long-sleeved by using another raglan top (probably the Lane Raglan sleeves) to figure out the correct length. Since the velvet was stretchy, I didn’t add a button closure or zipper on the back, and I didn’t have a problem getting the top over my head 🙂

Burnout Velvet is a fun fabric, but this version does leave some color on your fingers and body after wearing. I’m not sure if it’s just a low-quality fabric, or if this is a general quality of dark fabric because of the dye?

Have you made any fun variations on the Marthe Blouse lately?