chopping off my hair

Yesterday, I cut off 10″ of my hair to donate. It was pretty crazy since my hair has never been this short. Even when I donated my hair back in 2002, my hair did not end up this short…

But I think it looks great!! so happy with it.

Valery Joseph on the upper east side was offering free haircuts with a hair donation during October. The blowout was an additional cost, but the free haircut was a great value. And they gave me a cappuccino when I got there – how could I not love it!!

People keep asking why I grew my hair out and donated. But it kind of just happened. My hair just got really long after not cutting it for a year and I needed a change. However, it did take a long to grow out, so I didn’t want to waste it….

I donated to Locks of Love (again), and it’s such a great organization. Maybe I’ll donate again some day 🙂

 photo IMG_3942_zps93495267.jpg

long hair… sorry for being blurry. didn’t want to make it obvious that I was taking a picture in the salon.

 photo IMG_3946_zps25d75b9f.jpg

ponytail with my hair!!

 photo IMG_3950_zps63dcf9f8.jpg

what a great haircut! i look like an adult!