changing the routine

The past few months have been kind of challenging – I commute for 4 hours/ day, go to sleep super early, eat unhealth-ily because I’m too tired to cook, and haven’t been able to see friends very often. I always want to go running and exercise, but if i go after work I don’t have time with Eric/ time for dinner. Also, it’s too dark outside for running.
OK complaining time is over – I realize that my life is not half as busy as some people. My biggest problem is my own lack of organization and planning.

In order to solve this problem, I’ve switched up my routine – it’s been great. Didn’t want to wait until the new year to make a resolution 🙂

With my new schedule, I actually manage to wake up later (5:30 instead of 5… yayyy *sarcastic), then I throw on gym clothes, take a really early bus, go to a gym in manhattan around 7, and workout for at least 30 minutes. I just get ready at the gym and walk to work around the same time as before. I try to write blogposts or read while I’m on the bus ride home. I get home around 7, cook dinner, and hang out with Eric 🙂 aka watch netflix episodes of 30 Rock and Parks and Rec. We’re pretty boring.

I’m so happy this new arrangement helps me to meet some fitness goals, too! woo finally ran 3 miles in less than 30 minutes again- small goals, small goals.

Since we’re discussing the new routine, I thought I’d tell you about the blogging schedule for Mostly Sewing. Here’s what I’ve been attempting, and what you’ll be seeing more of (also posting this on the “about me” page).

  • Monday: Happy Monday/ Monday Motivation posts – inspirational quote to start your week
  • Tuesday: recap of weekend projects / completed DIYs
  • Wednesday: what’s on my mind
  • Thursday: project inspiration- some interior design, future projects, etc.
  • Friday: Friday Favorites – my favorite people, places, and things this week

I think it looks like a pretty good plan. I’ll try to stick to it 🙂

I’ll also be participating in NaBloPoMo this year !! Hopefully, I’ll do better than last year – considering I’m not living out of a hotel with my coworkers due to Hurricane Sandy. That means two posts a day. Starting tomorrow!

Any advice as I try to re-organize and plan my time better? Any similar experiences? I think that sometimes you just need to get up and get moving in order to find time you’re missing.