Chambray City Gym Shorts

Love these cute little shorts!

I’m excited to add these lightweight shorts to my summer wardrobe! I used leftover chambray fabric from my Sew DIY Baseball Skirt for this pattern, and a plain navy binding (premade from Joann’s, because I’m lazy).

these shorts have a bias binding edge with a tulip side seam

I used the Purl Soho City Gym Short pattern, and their tutorial is super easy to follow. I didn’t bother making a tutorial.

Next time I’ll make these a size smaller because they feel a little loose. Overall I think they’re cute and comfy 🙂

The Free Purl Soho City Gym Short pattern is super comfy !

I don’t really have any other tips because this pattern is so easy!

They were sewn together in about 1.5 hours, so go make yourself a pair right now! I’ll probably make another pair this weekend!

Lightweight Chambray city gym shorts

In other news…

It’s Day 16 of Whole30, and I think we’ve been doing pretty well! I’ve been good with sticking to the shopping list, but I do snack in between meals occasionally. I still consider this killing the sugar dragon, because an apple is NOT a cupcake.

Eric has done really well at his attempt to follow this diet. He east out more often, and always orders within the guidelines. He just doesn’t go out of his way to ensure something wasn’t made with butter or a little bit of flour. He’s doing this more for weight loss, so he’s definitely doing better with that.

Even though it feels like it might be a boring diet, we’ve tried a lot of new things! And spaghetti squash isn’t half as boring as pasta! I really miss cookies and ice cream. Eric misses his Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese on an Everything Bagel.

Halfway through. We will make it to the end!

How’s your summer going? Please tell me you are eating ice cream every day! Don’t deprive yourself if you don’t need to!