chair makeover!

Eric and I found these chairs in the trash outside our apartment. They were really dirty, but after we cleaned them off they looked pretty good!

I like to paint everything white… so I knew this was the perfect opportunity!

 photo 826chair-9_zps64748f8e.jpg


I decided to spray paint this time, because I had never tried it before and thought I should try on something I didn’t care about too much…

 photo 826chair-2_zps05d96d8e.jpg

sanding… sanding… sanding…

 photo 826chair-8_zps91a60b05.jpeg

…. this is what happens when I do things out of order… struggles

 photo 826chair-7_zps7bfc1802.jpeg

pretty cool! but metallic paint is kind of difficult 🙁

 photo 826chair-6_zps1a2c18ae.jpg

it matches my sewing table 🙂

 photo 826chair-3_zps0a357012.jpg

hmm the running/ dripping issue is more obvious on the back of the chair

I love it! I definitely need more practice spray painting, but it was so much faster! The whole process only took 2 hours! Much better than paint brushing…