this past semester i took ceramics and it was amazing! i’m definitely not amazing at it yet, but i enjoyed it. i thought i’d share the pictures of my projects with you 🙂

making bowls in the ceramics lab 🙂 everything was always covered in clay… and my skin was always dry from throwing…

Project 1: the bowls finished and glazed! they’re perfect for cereal or ice cream

Project 2: mugs! handles are hard to make, and somehow making them got out of control, so i have 4 without handles and 4 with handles… but they’re cool

Project 3: a pitcher… i love this, but i used a bad glaze and it ran alot and has pin holes along the bottom. i still think it looks cool, and my RA said no one would notice if i didn’t tell them

Final Project: tea set. unfortunately when you’re attempting to fire a project at the same time as 50 other students, some  things get lost in the kiln. little things. like the lid to my teapot… maybe i’ll find it somewhere next semester.

i made this little cup because i thought i wanted this shape for my tea set, but it turned out a little too big. it really isn’t that big, but bigger than i wanted for a tea set. my friend convinced me to keep it and i painted it blue 🙂 pretty cool…

don’t worry… my next post will be about sewing… in case you’re beginning to think i don’t actually know how to sew.