catch-up time…

This week has been pretty busy! I spent the first 4 days down at Wildwood Crest just relaxing and reading on the beach, the fourth of July was back in North Jersey with my fiance for fireworks, and then Friday was in Princeton at Westminster Conservatory. Basically, I’ve been all over NJ in one week… I’m tired.

I have a few pics to represent the past crazy week…

Road trip!! my sis and I were wearing super cute j.crew neon shorts, and my dad looked like a movie star with his aviator glasses. Fortunately, we didn’t hit any traffic on the Parkway because everyone had gone down the shore the day before for the long weekend 🙂

Out to dinner with the family. We went to a great restaurant, Tisha’s, in Cape May!

Spent the day on the beach reading…. Got my sister and mom hooked on the Hunger Games!! I was reading Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. Excellent, btw… more on that in another post.

My poor sunburnt feet 🙁 I was doing so well with the sunblock… and then I forgot my feet…

Night on the Wildwood Boardwalk… perfect weather! and really yummy ice cream! The next day we drove back up to Sparta for fireworks, and so I could hang out with Eric 🙂 I missed him while we were gone 🙁 On Thursday we had some girl time shopping with the other Steph and going for lunch.

On Thursday Eric and I also had our second pre-marital counseling session. We’re learning so much! And the sessions make me eager to be married!! I’m looking forward to putting everything into practice.

Last but not least, I spent Friday at a seminar for Suzuki Violin training at Westminster Conservatory of Music in Princeton. The 6-hour session was incredibly inspirational and I learned so much about the Suzuki method. I already knew I liked it because of my own training and some education classes I took in college, but this class definitely clarified that for me. I love that Dr. Suzuki believed every child possesses the ability to learn an instrument well, and his philosophy of parental involvement in learning is beautiful. “High Standards in a Happy Environment”

However, the session was very long and I had an hour and a half drive back to my house, so I needed one of these:

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Soon I’ll have reviews of the many books I’ve read and hopefully some sewing projects… I don’t know why the sewing thing hasn’t been happening for me. I blame it on the weather. It’s too beautiful outside to stay inside sewing!! So I spend my time reading outside in the sun getting tan!

How’s your summer going? Reading anything good? Hope you enjoyed the post!

*random pic of my cat next to me*