currently sewing: a couple different projects. one is upholstery. i’m recovering a chair with some awesome fabric i found at an antique shop. this shop has a whole room full of amazing upholstery fabrics. i found one last year that i’m using in a quilt. i guess it shouldn’t be used in a quilt really, but i like different textures. i’m using a pastel stripe pattern on the chair cushion, but i found some brightly colored ones to use in another quilt or a pillow or maybe an apron.

aaand i recently went to joann’s fabrics and found a blue and brown leopard print that my mom wants to make an apron out of. yes we have an obsession with aprons 🙂 they’re simple, but a great opportunity to display a fun fabric. and aprons motivate me to bake/ cook (since i can’t, by the way. it’s pathetic. well, actually i’ve never really tried…)

and i’m working on a quilt (the one with the upholstery fabric), but unfortunately i left that at my house near school 🙁 this is sad because i’m kind of craving something interesting to work on.

well thats all for sewing right now. i will add pictures as soon as i charge my camera 🙂

currently reading: harry potter book 4 (a few of my friends have been re-reading the series and i realized how much i missed it). no matter what people say about harry potter, it is well-written and incredibly creative. and it made kids read- which is pretty difficult.

life has been hectic lately (painting rooms in the house, packing, working, attempting to read anything, talking to friends). hopefully i will have a chance to write again soon. and hopefully i’ll have a page view sometime… but probably not.