burlap coffee cup sleeves

I’m really in love with this latest project. I will probably make one for all of my friends 🙂 These are super cute and fairly simple to sew.

Warning #1 – burlap is a little messy/fuzzy. you will need a swiffer.

Warning #2 – leave plenty of seam allowance, or your project will become much more difficult.

Guys, I wish I were better at taking photos during the sewing process. Unfortunately, I make a lot of mistakes and my sewing machine fails me, so it’s not exactly the prettiest situation. Also, my bedroom where I keep my sewing machine is really dark, and it’s very difficult to take pics. This is the best I have 🙂

First, you should know that this picture does not show enough seam allowance. This was my initial attempt I made, and it looks cute in this pic but didn’t end well.

Pinterest has a million and a half (that is probably not an exaggeration in this case) different cup sleeve PDF patterns. Pick one. Make sure it fits on your cup correctly (I had to adjust mine a little bit).

Cut two layers burlap with about a half inch around the edges.

Now lay your fabric/ribbon/embellishments on the burlap and arrange however you want. I just did a simple design on mine, but my sister and best friend want sparkly ribbons on theirs.

I sewed around the edges (right sides together with embellishments in between) before sewing down the embellishments – they should be pinned to the outside burlap piece. Flip right side out, press, and top stitch along edge. Sew down embellishments. I found that sewing down last helps to flatten the sleeve.

Sewing the two ends together is a little difficult. Because it’s a pretty small piece of fabric, you might sew through to the other side. Most people add a button or velcro, but I didn’t like the look of the button. I was able to squish the pieces together and it fit under the sewing machine eventually.

This project was so fun, and once I figured it out, it didn’t take too long. Planning on making many more!!


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  1. March 21, 2014 / 1:32 am

    Very useful! Those cups get ridiculously hot! A Starbucks sleeve is definitely on my to-do list. Happy sewing! 🙂