Bridal Shower :)

On August 18th, my future mother-in-law surprised me with a beautiful bridal shower. My fiance told me that we were having lunch with his grandparents visiting from SC, and to dress nicely… and when I got to their house, everyone yelled surprise πŸ™‚

I’m actually procrastinating from writing my thank you notes by writing this blog post instead…. somewhat productive, but not what I actually need to be doing….

But I thought that I’d just share some of the pictures from the day.

my sister- maid of honor
my many, many gifts ready to be opened

the cake, made by Cafe Pierrot, and all the food πŸ™‚

Everyone told me that you’re supposed to make a hat out of the ribbons on the gifts… so courtney made this one for me… amazing. she stapled all the ribbon around the edges and i though it came our really nice. Someone also told me that you’re supposed to wear the hat at your wedding rehearsal… but I don’t know if I’ll do that…

Now to write the thank you notes….