so as if sewing wasn’t enough for me, i discovered book-making. last summer, i worked at an art camp and one of my campers made me a journal. i used it for sermon notes all year and it finally ran out last week. the book was really interesting and i wanted to make my own journals with different covers and bindings. it also seemed like a very english-major type of art. i found this book on amazon. it’s more of a text book on how to make books instead of the typical craft book, so it teaches concepts really well and shows many professional techniques. one day i was bored and here are some of the books i made. i think they’re fun 🙂


one book taught was the tea bag… and i thought it was cute, and easy to make  because it didn’t require any glue.
also, i love tea 🙂 hopefully i’ll get better at the artistic side of this…

this book uses the same fabric for the cover as an apron i have… i think it’s pretty good for my first time binding.
it’s a little loose though, as you can see from the second picture.

i’m sure there are more to come!