blogging lately…

… has been difficult. Work is tiring, we’re probably moving soon, the apartment feels too small to make stuff, i’m training for a half marathon… the list continues

We’re in the process of buying a house (eek…kind of stressful), so I know once we move I’ll have plenty to write about with decorating, etc.

But until then, I’m doing boring things like sorting through all my magazines, selling books we have 2 of (our book collection had some overlap when we got married), throwing away things in our closet, and trying to save money everywhere.

Also, I’m training for a half marathon so I feel like all my free time is spent running! *i didn’t get to my 8 mile long run this weekend because we had some church activities and I was lazy.

In other words, this might become more of writing blog and less of a craft blog while I figure out what’s going on with my life. Expect to see more of what I’m reading, because I’m trying to read while commuting (not just sleep). I’ll probably be posting more about fitness and running goals, more about decorating inspiration, and more about life in hopes that at least I’ll be writing something everyday. And one of these days I’ll do a little apartment tour to capture the first place we lived (it’s not spectacular, but I don’t want to forget).