Birthday Pizza Party!

So my 22nd birthday was on the 22nd of June 🙂 Some people call that the Golden Birthday? I’m not sure… but we decided to wait until Sunday to celebrate. My mom planned this fantastic pizza party, and we each made a type of pizza, and then there were delicious cupcakes and presents 🙂

Stefanie set the table and drew on the chalkboard table cloth, because she has the best handwriting. We read about this table cloth in a recent issue of Martha Stewart Living, and ordered it from Bellochio: It’s so fun! and we use an extra yard of it at the bakery for a cookie pic backdrop.

Each of us made a pizza with the toppings that were out…. Mom made a Pulled Pork and Pineapple (different, but yummy), Eric made a Chicken Parmesan half and a 4-cheese half on his pizza, and I made the margherita. They were all so yummy!

Stefanie and I pretending to be chefs. Eric thought it was funny that my dad just has chef hats lying around… and we’re like, umm he’s a chef, so of course he has them? These were just cheap paper chef hats though.

Dancing and being silly…

Family pic!!

Well… that was my birthday party 🙂 My family got me some pretty cool gifts, too: gift cards to Starbucks and Target (two of my favorite stores that happen to be right next to each other!) and a gift card for 6 visits to a full-service car wash!!!!!! because I never get my car washed and I hate vacuuming it lol And then 2 pretty journals, a “padfolio,” and a suit from The Limited 🙂

So that’s how my family likes to party. yay for being 22! I’m so old :p Last birthday as a single woman! I can’t believe that this time next year I’ll have been married for almost 6 months….