My Easter Dress (Bettine Dress)

Despite the impending snow storm after Easter, I pretended it was spring and sewed a jersey floral Bettine Dress. I made the Bettine a few years ago in a blue gingham (I was later told by a piano student that I looked like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz), and knew back then that I wanted to try one in a jersey knit.

Bettine Dress

The fabric is from Girl Charlee – It’s a some kind of spandex blend, and it’s super soft. I’m obsessed. Thinking I need to buy more in another color/pattern and keep watching for some stripes. I had store credit left over from last year, so needed to spend it on something!

jersey knit bettine dress for Easter on

Of course, I added my “Handmade by Danielle” tag as the finishing touch. Now for some comments…

jersey knit bettine dress for Easter on

I was following the Jersey Bettine tips on Tilly’s website, but I think the neckline piece was too long. While I was pinning, I kept taking it in before actually sewing. It might be a little too big still, because it doesn’t lay as flat as I would hope. But no gaping happened, so that’s good!

Personally, I’m never great with elastic: I always keep it a little too loose when I sew it into the casing. The waist line just didn’t feel secure on my waist because of the elastic (but that’s my problem, not the pattern!).

And next time I might try without the casing, as suggested in this by Allie in this post about making a Bettine romper. It just seems like a little too much material for a jersey dress.

braving the cold weather for an Easter photo in floral dresses on

I know this isn’t the best photo of the dress, but it was tooooooo cold for any other modeling photos. If I wear it again, I’ll add photos to this post 🙂

Overall, it’s a super comfy dress, and I’ll probably make another one! And I learned that I love this fabric.