Beckett’s Baby Blanket

My cousin had a baby today!

When I found out my cousin was pregnant, I was super excited…. and I knew exactly what her baby shower gift would be!!

I saw this quilt on pinterest and loved everything about it, but I just couldn’t find a pattern or dimensions online.
*Later, I found out that Jamie is using chevron in her nursery 🙂

jamies baby16

Soooo this is how I make a plan when I have no pattern. When I design twin and full size quilts, I just research the correct size online and scale it down to my graph paper….

jamies baby6

Then I had to wait until I found out if it was a boy or a girl…. I probably went to Joann’s Fabrics the day after I found out it was a boy.

You can also order flannel fabric by the yard through Amazon.

jamies baby8This is probably one of the fastest, easiest quilts ever! It’s only triangles sewn together 🙂

The most difficult thing for me was the binding… definitely need more practice with that. I always sew the batting on the wrong side and then flip the quilt right side out in order to avoid the binding…

jamies baby10 jamies baby9

After I fixed some of my binding issues pictured here, I embroidered a tag for the back of the quilt. The baby’s full name is Joseph Beckett, but will go by Beckett…. I wanted the blanket to be official 🙂 Also realized I need to work on my embroidery skills…

jamies baby12jamies baby13

I was about to mail the blanket, when I got the invitation to the baby shower in SC 🙂 I went down south with my sister when she moved into school, which was the same weekend of the shower!

Love this girl so much and can’t wait to meet Beckett the next time I’m in SC!

jamies baby4

It was great catching up with all my girl cousins 🙂 haven’t had them all in one place for a while !!

jamies baby15