Because married life starts in about 6 months, I have started my cooking training. My dad is an excellent chef and I should have started these lesson long ago… but instead I waited until the last possible minute. Now I have to learn to provide food for someone who needs more than bread, fruit, and cheese to survive.

Fortunately, I have some good married friends who are teaching me the basics, lending me cookbooks, and buying the necessary supplies off my registry 🙂

*speaking of my registry, I keep getting packages and it’s so fun!!*

Today I made pumpkin bread from a recipe I found on It’s pretty good and I didn’t even have the clove and ginger to put in it, so I’m sure it will taste better when I add those ingredients.

My future mother-in-law was very sweet, too, and bought me the fiestaware loaf pan. She included the recipe for Eric’s favorite banana bread that she got from her grandmother. I can’t wait to try it! I didn’t have any bananas today though….

With two professional chefs living in the house, you’d think that I would be cooking all the time. But I’m content to let them have their fun in the kitchen and just eat what they make. I have a feeling that once I’m on my own and people aren’t everywhere telling me how to cook (not that my family is annoying, but there tends to be a lot of people in the kitchen at one time), I’ll enjoy cooking.

But for now… this pumpkin bread was really yummy!!