back to school….

Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend!!

We had the strange realization that neither my sister nor I was going back to school this year. We knew this day was coming, but still find it hard to believe. Everyone is talking about new notebooks and backpacks and roommates…. and we’re working working working.

I’m one of those crazy nerds that loves school. I love the structure, the reading, the assignments…The only reason I haven’t gone to grad school is because I can’t decide what I want to do… and that’s a huge amount of money to spend when you can’t decide on a major.

But just because I’m not going back to school doesn’t mean I won’t be benefiting from all the sales going on! Notebooks, dorm-ware, fall clothing – here I come!!

Below is a beautiful collage of my favorite things associated with the back-to-school season:

back to school


While I will miss my summer Fridays and the early sunrise, I can’t wait for sweaters, tights, plaid shirts, fires, blankets…. the list continues.