Baby James’ Quilt: Another Gingham Daydream

I’m catching up on all the recent quilts I’ve made (and trying to finish quilts that I’ve had in-progress for a long time), so up next is another Gingham Daydream. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person making quite so many of this quilt, and maybe I should find another one that comes together easily, but I love that it’s easy for precuts and makes big blogs. The perfect recipe for a quick quilt.

But it’s also an interesting pattern. So many quick quilts are boring with large squares or strips, but that’s just my opinion 😊


For this one, I didn’t go with a precut. If I remember correctly, Brittany had green and beige buffalo check curtains on her registry, so I went with that color scheme… and this pattern is kind of a buffalo check, too.

And here’s a few photos! She had a beautiful baby shower, and I managed to finish the quilt on time, but barely, as usual ha evidenced by the fact that I barely took any photos! 😞

and our babies on the quilt! They’re going to have fun together someday!

Use the force Henry!!

Other Notes