Baby Avielle’s Quilt – Infinite Hearts

So I started this quilt right after I had Henry and my friend was pregnant with her daughter, Avielle….. but Henry kept me busy and this ended up being a gift for Avielle’s 2nd birthday 😳 by then my friend had a second baby girl, so i gave her two quilts. That’s coming up.

No real details on this one, because it took me so long. I bought the fabric from which has since been absorbed into Amazon (I hate buying fabric on Amazon. was so much easier to navigate).

I remember that this was the strangest Fat Quarter Bundle ever… it came as a panel and I had to cut it into fat quarters at home. But I loved the birds on it.

This blog is primarily to document everything I make, so here are some photos. Again, this one was sitting under my desk for so long, I don’t really have process photos.

Pattern: Infinite Hearts by Quilty Love