i should just admit that i’m procrastinating…. i have online articles to write, but i decided to blog instead 🙂 the articles aren’t due until 9pm anyway…

i believe back in the beginning of my blogging days (last summer…) i mentioned something about aprons and having amazing fabric to make them. well it all started with this book. my dad actually found it for me at sam’s club when we were grocery shopping; i said it looked really cool and he put it in our shopping cart 🙂 he’s the best… anyway, there are a lot of cool craft ideas in here (including a quilt that i’ve been trying to find time for) but i decided the easiest thing to make was the apron. my friend was going off to college for baking and i thought it would be a good gift (hmmm i never got around to making her one… maybe for her birthday tomorrow…). my mom and i found the blue leopard fabric and needed aprons. i actually ended up making one for my roommate first because she was taking a cooking class, but mom got one for christmas.

I replaced the fabric neck and back ties with ribbon, mostly because it was just easier, but the ribbon looks pretty cute.

this is the awesome fabric. sorry it’s so wrinkley :p we bought it at joann’s

here’s the finished product… you can’t see the pouch in the front, but it’s there…

i thought i had a better picture of me or mom wearing the apron… but this is all i could find from a cousin’s fb… we were having a family cooking time :/ if i find a better one i’ll put it up

so that’s the apron. i have many more fabrics to make for my sister’s boyfriend (he’s always helping bake cookies), that friend whose birthday is tomorrow, and another one for me… i usually choose canvas because it’s more durable than the regular fabrics and it *should* be able to be washed over and over… because aprons get pretty dirty during cooking.

now you should go make an apron… and bake some cookies 🙂