Apple Cobbler


Over Labor Day weekend, Eric and I went to New Hampshire with some friends for a wedding and then went apple picking in Vermont on the way back to Jersey.

It was a beautiful day and we picked so many apples!!

And basically…. the apples have been sitting in my fridge since then. We ate a few, but I hadn’t had time to do anything with them. I was ambitious and wanted to make this pie from Lulu the Baker. Then I realized I didn’t have a food processor for the dough, but I called my dad, and he explained how to make the dough in a normal mixer (and gave me a scientific reason why my viatmix isn’t a food processor…).

Then he just suggested I go to the bakery and pick up a few pie crusts and some crumb, throw in the apples and be done.

I thought that was cheating and decided to make an apple cobbler instead 🙂

I found this recipe on, and thought it sounded like it would work. Next time I would definitely double the batter topping… it really doesn’t cover the apples at all. Here are my pics 🙂

a few of the apples we picked over Labor Day weekend

getting the mix ready 🙂

all mixed!

yes, i did take a picture of it in the oven…

all finished!