Another Postage Stamp Quilt

Another quilt I made almost a year ago! And it’s another postage stamp. I also discuss product vs process in this blog post!

For this one I used the jelly roll for the Stellar Baby collection from Moda, which had cute space ships, clouds, constellations and argyle patterns all over. I ran out of a few of the pieces from the jelly roll, so I reordered from Etsy at some point.

It was out of print, so tracking down extras of a specific pattern was a little complicated. I did a grey minky star pattern on the back (probably from, because minky is always a favorite!

So here’s a series of photos with Lucie taking the spotlight, of course. Whenever I’m working on the floor, she wants to be the center of attention… which complicated laying out the “random” postage stamp swatches. Obviously… I wash everything before I give it away! But she’s a poodle, so she doesn’t shed — don’t need to worry about dog hair.

This is the part where I start to doubt myself with the postage stamp quilts… never really sure if I’m going to like it when I finally pull it all together. And if you don’t have a great place to lay it out, you kind of need to sew it together pretty quickly.

I think because the process is so repetitive, the postage stamp quilt seems to lose the fun aspect pretty quickly when sewing. It’s so random, so you don’t see it coming together like a normal quilt, but then I always love the end result!

Lucie seems to think it’s always play time when I’m trying to get some work done… But she’s so cute I can’t stop taking pics!

Process or Product?

I don’t know if I’ve written about this on the blog before, but the crafting community always has a lot to say about the process vs the product. Many people quilt just because they love quilting, and they may have more unfinished projects just because they love the process. Then some love to have the finished product in their hands, and that’s where I usually fall.

I love making things and everything, but what I really love is having or giving a quilt I made at the end of the day. Or a garment, or a scrapbook, etc.

I like keeping my hands busy while I’m listening to an audiobook, and seeing everything come together. But some makers feel that the making process helps them deal with emotions as an outlet.

For me, writing and running are probably the most important parts of maintaining my mental health/processing emotions.

Which is why I wouldn’t consider myself an artist/ textile artist. I have a good eye for color, and I know what I like when I see it, but that’s not the same as art. Maybe I’ll talk about that topic more some other time ha 😊

Iron Improv

So my Rowenta iron decided to die on me during this project… literally water was pouring out of the hole for the electrical cord… which seemed like a hazard. I can’t decide on what iron to buy, because quilters have so many opinions!!

I asked around, and my mom had a random cheap sunbeam iron. It gets really hot! So it’s actually working pretty well, so far. I use a spray bottle to spritz water… since I’m not risking putting water into an iron again (apparently this is a common problem for irons if you don’t empty the water every time you use them… and who has time for that??).

Aaaaand it’s quilted and ready for binding! Lucie’s legs are SO LONG.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t want myself in this picture, and it was just supposed to be my arm holding the quilt… but I really love the skirt in this, so I left it 😊

And this one was off to Eric’s cousins son!