2nd day of the new year

i couldn’t think of a very creative title :/ sorry…

a couple of days ago, i ordered a free-motion foot for my sewing machine so i could do all the different quilting patterns. well, today i got to try it out 🙂 i’m starting with the meandering stitch/ stippling (i think that’s what it’s called…). there’s a lot of space to cover on just a twin size quilt … but i think it’s going well. still have lots lefts though. maybe i’ll be able to post a finished picture tomorrow 🙂

as far as the other resolutions for the year… i haven’t exercised at all, but i’m going skiing all day thursday and friday, so that should count for something. And i’m trying to get ahead on my shakespeare class reading, so right now i’m working on All’s Well that Ends Well. I attempted Atlas Shrugged a couple weeks ago, but i don’t have enough time to read it…. and it’s very long. good, but long.