as i look forward to the new year, i realize that i need to have a plan for all these blog posts…. so i began my research.

pinterest helps a lot 🙂

i thought i’d share some of the links i found recently with my readers, so you know where i’m finding all this cool stuff 🙂

this is a “huge list of free quilt blocks” that i’m hoping to try. i think i can find something i like out of over 1,000 patterns

same blog, but now a “huge list” of free patterns, not only quilting, but other crafts and sewing projects

with a site name of “everything etsy,” i knew i would like everything on it. this is a list of tutorials for summer projects

i think these should keep me busy for a while. i also found some sources about pattern designing, so hopefully i’ll be able to make some of my own stuff and not just other’s patterns. although, i usually only use patterns for my inspiration anyway…

happy crafting!