Scrapbook Sunday: Best Supplies

 photo 4 12 scrapbook_zpss1ohk0bn.jpg

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a ton of scrapbooking supplies…. but this is not about all the paper and stickers.

Lately, one of my challenges is the 8.5×11 size scrapbook I’ve decided to use. Most supplies are for 12×12, so if you go the 12×12 route – you will have a million and a half choices.

I’ve been compiling a list of my favorite supplies. I started by just making a “wish list” on Amazon as reference, but I’m going to list all the products below. If you’re going with a normal 3-ring binder, here are the best options I’ve found (A Beautiful Mess also started selling 9×12 notebooks and filler pages on their site if you want to check it out).

If you have something that’s not listed, let me know! Always looking for more sheet protectors!

Here are some of the other tools that I use ALL THE TIME. Couldn’t live without them.
I just noticed right now that they’re all Fiskars brand, but this is not sponsored by them.

Tripod Lamp! (Eric’s Project)

 photo 4 6 lamp_zpsjthvkoeu.jpg
Eric and I wander around antique shops pretty frequently. Recently, we were looking for a bench for our entryway (haven’t found it yet btw), and stumbled upon a really cool tripod instead! It had a tag that said “make me into a lamp!”

So we did.

The shop we went to is Made in the Shade in Andover Borough, NJ. We family shops here all the time, and my sister practically furnished her entire apartment from this place (Stef’s apartment tour coming soon).

Made in the Shade would have made the lamp, but we were able to take the supplies and Eric put it together instead.

 photo 4 6 lamp-6_zpshv6en13u.jpg

Sundial Wire…

This project took us less maaaaybe 2 hrs. Super easy. I tried to take a lot of pictures to explain the electric parts of the project – they’re not hard, but you don’t want to mess it up :)  photo 4 6 lamp-1_zpsyjxuxj3h.jpgHere’s the original tripod. It was $70…. photo 4 6 lamp-2_zpsl6ttzz3w.jpg
Removing the surveying part of the tripod…
 photo 4 6 lamp-4_zpstlsyz2gw.jpg
We cleaned off the top to make sure it was clean for the epoxy…
 photo 4 6 lamp-8_zpstrildqj3.jpg
Scraping off the paint for the epoxy… We have antique-looking cloth covered electric wire, and we use it on all old electrical things.

 photo 4 6 lamp-7_zpslqntp4uj.jpg
Adding the light fixture….
 photo 4 6 lamp-11_zpshzyrybnt.jpg
Electrical wires! After we cut the cloth covering off of the electrical wire…
 photo 4 6 lamp-12_zps0oshmct0.jpg
 photo 4 6 lamp-13_zpszcnanden.jpg
Stripping the wire… and turn the wire counter-clockwise.
 photo 4 6 lamp-15_zpsyyfn58ov.jpg
 photo 4 6 lamp-16_zpsh6vtfpcy.jpg
Screw the black wire to the gold side, and the white attaches to the silver… That’s pretty important…
 photo 4 6 lamp-17_zpsobpky6rj.jpg
 photo 4 6 lamp-18_zpseek4wxed.jpg
 photo 4 6 lamp-20_zpspo5ivloz.jpg
Then we add the antique-looking outlet plug…. it also has the black/gold, white/silver attaching of the wires…
 photo 4 6 lamp-21_zpswnro5jde.jpg
AAAAND it works!!!!
 photo 4 6 lamp-22_zpspu9e85zl.jpgHope you liked it!! The drum was $20, bringing the total to $90….

Scrapbook Sunday: Prep !!

So I’m ready to start the crazy adventure of scrap booking everything. I haven’t scrapbooked  since high school, so I have a ton of pictures to work through…

I was so excited to find these binders on sale at target! Perfect for college photos! Super cheap. Some were a little messed up, but I’ll take it for less than $5/each **the navy binder is the album I’m using for current photos, not this project     I will probably need to get more to cover the summers I worked at camp… They might take too much space.

Ordering photos was interesting… Prints have gotten expensive!

I found several free print incentives for ordering through an app, even if it wasn’t available on the website. I used snapfish: 100 free prints/month on the app + 55 free prints for first purchase. I ordered 300 prints for $18 (including shipping). There’s also the FreePrints app, which gives 85 free prints/month.

The great thing about snapfish was the ability to upload the photos to my account on the website from my computer, and they were available when I logged into the App on my phone – then ordered them from there with the discounts 😊 otherwise freeprints has cheaper shipping and is a great resource if printing photos directly off your phone. Then it was time to organize all the memorabilia and programs I have from college – being a music minor meant I was at a recital or concert practically every week … It didn’t feel like that much in college, but there are a million programs.  I also bought the Sunshine Collection from project life and I love love love it.

Here’s a page that I made – from a road trip to NJ for thanksgiving break. Joanns was having a 50% off all scrapbook supplies last week, so I ordered a bunch of album refills for the 8.5×11 books (kind of hard to find 😕). Can’t wait to show some more of the process! Now, go print some photos!!

Friday Faves: Cell Phone Cases

 photo 3 20 cell phones_zpsbu07depa.jpg

As I’ve told everyone already, I recently bought the iPhone 6 Plus… so I thought I’d share my current favorite iPhone cases! I love the gold iPhone, so I think the clear cases are the best :) I bought #2 while I was at the Verizon store because there was some kind of discount going on…

  1. Wood Chevron on Etsy
  2. Shimmer from Casemate
  3. Floral Lace from Rifle Paper Co
  4. Gold Glitter from Casetify
  5. Marble from Casetify
  6. “Bed of Roses” from Casetify
  7. Mint bumper base from Spigen
  8. Cork Case from Etsy

Next Project: reupholstering!

i’m super excited about my next big project: reupholstering the $40 chair I bought down the street from my house.

I love the shape, but the fabric just isn’t that great, and looks kind of faded and dirty (you can’t tell from the photo)… So I found this fabric in clearance at joann’s for $8/yard!! All the other ones I liked were around $30/yd so this one was perfect!

Based on this super helpful article from Apartment Therapy, I knew I needed 5.5 yards

Here’s when I tried to get an idea of what it would look like in the room…. 

Sooo I started this back in February and haven’t gotten very far… Which means I haven’t been able to sit in my nice chair 😞 

I’ve been inspired by Society Social to use a contrast piping. I think I’ll go with grey and paint the legs white like this pic:

while I’ll be doing my own tutorial through the process, these are my two favorites that I’ve found and I’ll be looking to for instruction:

Can’t wait to show you the progress and have it back in my living room….

Scrapbook Sunday: Paris Albums

 photo 3 15 scrapbook -16_zpseuzbtame.jpg
A few weeks ago, my mom and I decided to redo all her old albums! We took one whole saturday and attacked the first of the albums. We decided to go in chronological order starting with Paris 1984, right when they started dated. She said that if I hadn’t be there, she would probably start with the baby albums and not really get anywhere at all.

This was the state of the albums in the beginning…. yellowing peel-photo album pages….

 photo 3 15 scrapbook -1_zpsqlqjnzgy.jpg  photo 3 15 scrapbook -2_zpsbksb72w5.jpgWe decided to go with ProjectLife kits because it seemed a million times easier. We could just slide all the photos in the page protectors, add the journaling cards, and be done!

Unfortunately, our photos were 3×5 instead of 4×6, so they didn’t really fit…
 photo 2 26 scrapbook-3_zpsthoyw7kc.jpg
But we just went with it and thought we would put a backing on them later….
 photo 3 15 scrapbook -19_zpsu5rxan7f.jpg
Here’s a great photo I found :) gotta love the 80s fashion…
 photo 3 15 scrapbook -5_zps3dc7msbu.jpg
Emptying all the pages…. took forever…
 photo 3 15 scrapbook -20_zps7jqdh5ie.jpg
Also – Don’t buy this brand of albums. The labels are a problem… we returned it
 photo 3 15 scrapbook -21_zpst43iuppf.jpg
Project Life didn’t have any all-4×6 sheets – but we found these! for the sheets with just too many pics and not enough journaling.
 photo 2 26 scrapbook-8_zpsofbtiwwh.jpg
We love the black & white albums! Mom decided it was important to be only black and white albums, but solid white albums are not available anywhere… we found a few black albums and we’re going to alternate them…
 photo 3 15 scrapbook -6_zpsq7vvvkod.jpg
Here are some of the pages… still without journaling, but you get the idea. Since they were 3×5 instead of 4×6 we backed them all with black cardstock. That was the worst part. We survived.
 photo 3 15 scrapbook -7_zps6emntxfa.jpg  photo 3 15 scrapbook -11_zpskkx6vxgo.jpg  photo 3 15 scrapbook -9_zpse4u6ku3f.jpg photo 3 15 scrapbook -13_zpsniwfhzux.jpg