Getting ready to start a big project with the Les Fleurs collection by Cotton & Steel! Lots of HSTs and I'm not totally sure about the layout yet...

So I FINALLY started cutting up my Les Fleurs fabrics. I’ve had the plan for a while now, but never actually cut into the fabric.

And by plan, I only mean I wanted a Half Square Triangle quilt…. I still haven’t decided on the layout yet.

Getting ready to start a big project with the Les Fleurs collection by Cotton & Steel! Lots of HSTs and I'm not totally sure about the layout yet...

I bought 4 Charm Packs and a Fat Quarter Bundle. The Charm Packs were sliced into triangles, and hten I cut the fat quarter bundle down to 5″ squares, then triangles.

For the contrasting fabric, I’m using Essex Linen in Natural. I’m in love. I want to make everything out of linen.

Getting ready to start a big project with the Les Fleurs collection by Cotton & Steel! Lots of HSTs and I'm not totally sure about the layout yet...

I’m not looking forward to all the ironing and trimming involved with HSTs, but it should be worth it 🙂

Now to decide on the layout… So many quilters make beautiful patterns out of HSTs, and I can’t decide which one to make! I’m leaning towards a simple layout, not a block repeated over and over.

I have enough triangles to make a queen sized quilt! So I’m really excited to have this on a bed someday! Now if I only had enough patience to finish such a large project!

Getting ready to start a big project with the Les Fleurs collection by Cotton & Steel! Lots of HSTs and I'm not totally sure about the layout yet...


I don’t remember how I found this pattern, but I’m obsessed with it! It’s giant and so cozy!! The Armor Scarf by Two of Wands really looks like some kind of winter armor. It uses 4 whole balls of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick!!img_3981

It’s a super easy pattern, but I got a little bored and didn’t make it quite as long as instructed. It’s still practically a hood, and definitely keeps my neck warm 🙂


Not much else to say about this! Can’t wait for it to get cold, so I can wear this super cozy scarf!



I start listening to Christmas Music on Nov 1, and there's plenty of new albums to get excited about this year!

FINALLY!! I start listening to Christmas music a little early (at least I admit it) to really get into the Christmas spirit. My Christmas music listening dwindled in 2014 and 2015 because of the 1989 and 25 album releases…. I was listening to those on repeat for a while, and they conflicted with the usual festivity.

I don’t think there’s any major releases coming up, so I’m ready for all the new Christmas albums. SO MANY CHRISTMAS ALBUMS ARE BEING RELEASED THIS YEAR!

I’m so excited.

Ok, Let’s get started with my favorites of all time.


Hard to decide because I usually listen to the Christmas radio station, but here we go.

  1. Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey. Jon Acuff once said “Hating Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD is like hating sunshine. If sunshine was made of rainbows & other things that are awesome.” So that settles it.
  2. Noël by Josh Groban: I could listen to this all day. I think I will. And just throw in “Believe” from the Polar Express, and it’s perfect!
  3. Christmas by Michael Buble: Because Christmas and Big Band Music are better together


So many artists are releasing Christmas music this year! Just look at this list on Amazon. Mostly country singers (not really my style), but still a lot of options!
Here are a few of the ones I’ll be downloading ASAP.

  1. A Pentatonix Christmas by Pentatonix: Another Christmas album? and so soon?? That’s ok 🙂
  2. Acoustic Christmas by Neil Diamond: Sounds like a classic
  3. Someday at Christmas by Jackie Evancho: I think she fits in well with the Josh Groban/ Michael Buble holiday feel I have going
  4. Unto Us by Matthew West

There are so many!! I hope Spotify has all of them… I’ll share a Spotify playlist as we get closer to Christmas, and I have time to check out all the new albums.

Happy November 1st!! Listen to at least ONE Christmas song today and start feeling festive!


I found a great product for organizing my craft room, and I had to share with you! I think other sewing bloggers have used these before, but I thought it would be a good time to remind my readers that these exist 🙂

The BUMERANG Pants Hanger from Ikea!!

using the bumerang pant hanger from Ikea for sewing pattern organization is probably the cheapest method I've found yet!

These are definitely the cheapest (I searched Amazon for something similar, but nothing for $0.99). I bought 10, and 2 of them didn’t work… so I’ll be returning those.

I really thought 10 would be enough, but was pleasantly surprised to find that I have more than 10 patterns with several waiting to be printed!

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Remember the Falling Leaves table runner from a few weeks ago? Well, I had some fabric leftover, and thought it would be perfect for coordinating coasters! These would make perfect housewarming or Christmas gifts, and they’re super quick to stitch up.

Also- a good way to practice my binding technique 🙂


  • Charm Pack or Scrap Fabric
  • Extra Batting
  • Backing: Leftover backing from my table runner
  • Binding: I used the same as the backing because I liked the plaid print

These fabric coasters are a great stash-buster and they make a perfect gift for the holidays!

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Who doesn’t love a flannel plaid shirt in the fall?? Well, I didn’t really plan on making a flannel shirt, but it’s really cute and super cozy! Once I got the fit right on this Laurel Top, I was obsessed.


There's nothing better than a flannel plaid shirt for autumn - and this is a super cute take on the fall favorite


About the fabric selection: I really love this plaid, and would probably buy all of it if it were a normal woven. Originally, I though this shirt would be cute tucked into a mini skirt with tights/boots for the winter. The flannel is a little too thick for that… And the ruffles were a little challenging with the thick fabric.

Can we talk about how I always sew plaids and stripes??? Do I hate myself? It takes FOREVER to lay out the pattern when you’re trying to make sure everything’s cut in the correct spot. I could have done with matching the sleeves to bodice, but at least the sleeves match each other.

There's nothing better than a flannel plaid shirt for autumn - and this is a super cute take on the fall favorite

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Slouchy Tees are my favorite 🙂 Combine them with leggings, fuzzy slippers, cozy quilts, coffee, and Gilmore Girls and you have THE PERFECT SATURDAY.

Sewing with Knits: Great FREE pattern for a sllouchy tee. Super simple and perfect for practicing with knits!

I had to test out this FREE Tessuti Fabrics pattern, so I chose a poly/lycra blend from The fabric is super soft, but usually polyester pills. I’ll have to give you a wear & tear update later. And I’ll probably make the next one in stripes… because stripes are always better!

Sewing with Knits: Great FREE pattern for a sllouchy tee. Super simple and perfect for practicing with knits!

This pattern is super easy and quick to stitch up. I think it took maybe 1.5 hours (after some printer trouble and all the taping/ cutting of PDF patterns). It’s another good pattern to practice sewing with knits and double-needles. I love the drop shoulders and the length of the fitted sleeve. View Post


Love the matchstick quilting on this falling leaves quilted table runner

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted! As much as I love fall, I’ve been super busy and haven’t been able to make as many things as I want.

I’ve seen this leaf pattern all over Pinterest for the fall, and I thought it would be super cuter for my entry way table. I ordered a Charm Pack of Kona Solids in fall colors and started cutting.

The little stems on those leaves are tricky! Of course, after I made them all I saw a video in a quilting fb group that explained the process much better. Oh well – they’re finished now 🙂

Each leaf is 6×6 and then I added a 2″ sashing and a 2″ border. The backing and binding are a Jo-Ann’s Fabrics plaid that was on sale for 50% off 🙂

Here are a few links that I found helpful while making this table runner:

And a few more photos of the project:

falliing leaves quilted table runner on my entryway table!

My entry way table… We got that little grass basket on our honeymoon. And the other bin is cute because it says Wilson 🙂

Autumn-themed table runner in solids with matchstick quilting

So Matchstick quilting is kind of tricky to get perfectly straight… but this is just for me, so I don’t mind. Love the plaid backing on this!

Autumn-themed table runner in solids with matchstick quilting

What fall projects have you been working on?? Post a link to your blog below so I can see 🙂


Scrapbook Sunday September Recap

The next little recap for my monthly mini album 🙂 September felt so long because of the change of seasons. A few 90-degree days and then fall started in full swing! I’m so obsessed with this weather!

  1. Labor Day Weekend – We started with lots of coffee and brunch, of course! but it was a little hilly so we actually had to break out the jeans and cardigans
  2. Trip to SC – We went down to SC to visit with my grandmother, but stopped to see Eric’s grandparents and my cousins and their babies! Very fun trip, despite the sad circumstances.
  3. Sweater Weather! Loving fall!
  4. Trail runs during the fall are the best! Stef and I are prepping for our crazy 5k, 10k, half marathon combo, so all we do is run run run…
  5. National Coffee Day should really be a bigger deal! Of course, I treat every day like National Coffee Day…

Hope you had a great September! Almost every weekend of October is booked, and I’m super excited for all the leaves to change 🙂

Speaking of scrapbooks, I’m almost finished with my 2015 album…. at the end of 2016. And I haven’t finished 2010-2014… but progress is progress! Once it’s complete, I’ll work on a little youtube video flipping through it.


I’m pretty excited to get sewing a few fall trends. Of course, when I’m sewing I try to make classic pieces that will last for years. But I have seen a few fall trends that I hope stick around for a long time…..

Fall Trends & DIY Alternatives 2016 Trending

A Few Trends

  1. Ruffle Sleeve: These seem to be everywhere and I love them!
  2. Reconstructed Denim
  3. Pink!
  4. Plaid (of course!), but I promise I have proof for this from the runway
  5. Jumpers: Sometimes I take a summer dress and put a white collared shirt under it, so maybe I’m ahead of the trend?

Fav Fall Trend Articles

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