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The Happy Planner begins today, and I’m super excited to start using it. I was using the A Beautiful Mess planner, which I still think is beautiful, but unfortunately I can’t work with a horizontal layout. I just need to make to-do lists for my days, so vertical layouts are perfect for that!

I think the horizontal layout worked in college, because my lists of assignments required more detail than a one or two word task list that I make now.

Life changes.

My pretty Happy Planner :) I'm obsessed

Obsessed with this pretty cover

Awesome features of The Happy Planner:

  • The Discs (or#EmbracetheDiscs as they say on instagram)
    For practicality, the planner does not need to lay open all the time. You can just flip it around. This is also great for removing pages and putting them back in. Or you can punch any paper with the Happy Punch to fit it in.
  • Pretty Colors and Quotes… Nothing else to say about that 🙂
  • So many extra fun products: This planner is definitely for crafty people (it is sold at Michaels, after all), so a lot of these extra products aren’t necessarily functional. And many people use them for Memory Keeping… in a planner.
    I like to use my planner for planning, so mine won’t be quite as pretty – but I have bought some of the stamps and planning stickers.

The Happy Planner has a new quote on the front of every month divider

How I’m using my planner:

Like I said, mine is going to be a little more functional than the planners you’ll see featured on their instagram account (@the_happy_planner), but I hope I’ll use all of the features effectively.

How I'll be using The Happy Planner to keep my life organized

Row One: Blogging

I change my mind about blog posts all the time (evident by that first line – and guess what? wednesday’s post is NOT about alterations!), so the whole first line will be tasks that must be completed that day for the posts to happen. The orange line will have the post scheduled for that day (not the post I’m working on), and the space below it will be my list.

I’m hoping if I really plan out the necessary steps, I’ll actually get ahead in my scheduling! And maybe have some free time on the weekends!

Row Two: Work

My top 3 goals for my freelancing work that day. For example, I need to post the case studies for my past few projects in my portfolio. Tomorrow I have “Take Screenshots” on my list to finish that project.

Row Three: Home 

So… we’re starting the Whole30 Plan on July 5th, and now my planner is full of meal plans and shopping lists to prep – and some “YOU CAN DO IT” pre-emptive stamping.

Clearly Kelly Stamps in the Happy Planner

Additional Products:

Me and My Big Ideas is planning to release a bunch of new products today! So here’s a link to their site. Since I wrote this post in advance, I don’t know what those items are (I think I saw something about Rose Gold, so I’ll be picking whatever that is for sure). Here’s a list of a few of the things I bought or already had, that are compatible with this planner (and some are a little cheaper).

  • Mini Discs: There was no way I was carrying around all 18-months in my handbag. I bought the mini-discs to carry only 4 months at a time
  • Clearly Kelly Stamps: I listened to an interview with Kelly on the Elise Gets Crafty Podcase, and knew I would love whatever she made. And I do. These stamps are adorable, but more functional than cute-sy
  • The Levenger Portable Punch: My mom uses the Levenger Circa System (also disc-bound), and this punch was compatible! And it fits in my office desk 🙂
  • The Martha Stewart Discbound Notepad from Staples: These were super cheap (I got a 3-pack for $2!), and great for throw-away grocery lists.
  • Washi Tape: All Kinds!
  • Sticker Paper: A lot of bloggers share printables that fit the daily squares and make a pretty theme for the week – a little too much work for me, but I might try it out sometime.
  • Micro Binder Clips: I found a few of these in the Michaels Dollar bin in a brass/copper finish… but I think they’re gone now

I made a pocket folder out of scrapbook paper that I was planning to share on the blog, but I don’t really like it :/ It’s not sturdy enough, and I’ll probably just buy a pocket pouch that’s made for The Happy Planner.

Anyone else using The Happy Planner?

Or share some planner tips that have helped you!


I love making a traditional log cabin block modern with the use of hand died fabrics!

Don’t worry everyone, I’ll be mixing up my quilt style soon enough! But for today it’s another log cabin. I know I’m obsessed with it – these blocks come together so fast, it’s almost instant-gratification.

the line up for a "quilt in a day" log cabin quilt

If you’re not piecing Log Cabin with this method, you should check it out. It totally lives up to the “quilt in a day” name. Moving on…

Tie Dye Log Cabin Quilt Piecing

Back in this post, I showed my tie dye process for a white sheet I found at Good Will. I always look for white sheet to dye, or fun sheets to use as a backing/ cut up for squares. This was a king-size sheet, so I had a lot to work with. I might need to start looking for a better thrift store, though. This Good Will isn’t that great.

ironing all the seams flat on this log cabin block

For the last version of this, I used a green for the “light” section and quilted diagonally through that section. You can see that post here… But I gifted that quilt away. I was torn between making the striped version again, or trying a traditional barn-raising style.

a barn raising style log cabin quilt layout the diagonal strip layout for a log cabin quilt

I even tried asking one of the quilting facebook groups I joined… and almost everyone said barn-raising. But I’m going with the stripe. The barn-raising/diamond style is too traditional, and I’m definitely closer to being a modern quilter.

shibori tie dye log cabin quilt blocks

I was hoping to have the quilt top finished for this post, but it’s not *laughing crying emoji… oh well, You’ll see it on the blog or on instagram sometime soon.

Like doing 3 part series for larger quilts:

  • Part 1: materials & cutting
  • Part 2: Piecing & Quilt Top Assembly (if possible)
  • Part 3: Quilting & Binding

I’ll be posting Part 3 of this quilt as soon as I buy a backing fabric  and have time to quilt this thing!!

Have you used your own hand-died fabrics in a quilt before? I would love to see your results!


Cupcakes for my 26th birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! I turn 26 today, which feels pretty crazy! I feel so old! even though I know, I know 26 isn’t that old…

One of my friends called it “late twenties,” and I was shocked. LATE TWENTIES. My sister reassured me that the years 24-26 are actually your MID-twenties, and the late twenties don’t start until 27. So I guess I still have a year to adjust to this.

25 was a strange year. I came back from Europe the day before my 25th birthday, and I realized a few things. I knew I didn’t want to go back to work. I knew I needed freedom to travel more, or I needed freedom to stay home in my adorable little house more. I knew my commute was too long to feel this way, and it simply wasn’t sustainable.

My husband said I hadn’t been happy about work in over a year, and something needed to change. My sister told me either to change myself or change my job, but no one wanted to see me unhappy. It was obvious if I didn’t find a new job I would just have to leave my current one. Eric said we would figure out how to pay for everything, but I needed to make a change.

So halfway through the year, I decided to restart my career. And I feel like I’m 22 again, sometimes with no idea what I’m doing.

I know I’m not alone in feeling like this. Most 20-somethings in this job climate feels the same way. But I’m still frustrated, because backtracking is just annoying. You’re constantly asking yourself, “why didn’t I think of this before??”

Changing your life isn’t fun. Realizing your dream job isn’t actually your dream is hard. Sometimes “hustle” isn’t the answer, because you’re hustling in the wrong direction.

If you need help making this kind of change, read Do Over by Jon Acuff. But read with caution, because you might want to leave your job when your finished.

But the second half of the year saw a lot of improvement (and it went by SO FAST):

  • I’m writing every day. Last year, I could barely write 100 words for a blog post.
  • I don’t cry as often (crying is just part of my personality, but I was crying all. the. time)
  • I’m getting more sleep each day (this makes EVERYTHING better)
  • I see my husband in the morning (he was always asleep when I left for work in the morning)
  • I’ve been blogging consistently about SEWING, not just any random topic and craft.
  • Everyone tells me I look happier (this is just weird)

So I guess 25 was a success.

I think I’m excited about being 26. I have a lot planned, and I know what I want to change.

Here are a few things that are happening:

  • Whole30: starting July 5! No way I was missing out on pie!
  • Runner’s World Half Marathon Hat Trick: October 15-16! This is a 5k, 10k, and Half all in one weekend! I’m crazy!
  • Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge: February 26! A 10k and Half Marathon in one weekend
  • Israel!! April!

Thank you for reading this and sticking with me through my crazy year! Lots of updates are coming for this blog and over at daniellewilson.online, so keep checking back.



Quilted Potholders: I love the hexagon shape of these potholders and using the log cabin technique to construct! So fun!

Happy First Day of Summer! We’re having beautiful summer weather today, which seems appropriate 🙂

Last week, I knew I would be going to a friend’s new house for the first time and wanted to make a housewarming gift. I had been thinking about potholders lately as a good use of alllll the extra batting I have lying around. So I searched “potholder” on pinterest and immediately found the cutest tutorial by Sew Can She.

I think I’m obsessed. This is such a fun use of scraps you have lying around, and the hardest part is picking out the fabric! At least, the hardest part was picking out the fabric (and doing that topstitching through all the layers + twill ribbon. not so pretty).

First of all, read the directions before you start sewing. I looked at probably 2 pictures and then started, missing that the title of the post mentioned “partial seams.” I seriously didn’t notice until I was linking back to the post. If I had read the instructions, I would have seen that the first strip added to the hexagon uses a partial seam, and I wouldn’t have been ripping out stitches.

Quilted Potholders Tutorial

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national sewing machine: resources for singer featherweight supplies

Happy National Sewing Machine Day!!

Obviously, this is a sewing blog so today is a pretty big deal. I have 3 machines sitting in my craft room right now – a broken singer from Sam’s Club when I first started sewing, my little singer featherweight (which works much better than the newer versions), and my Elna Excellence 🙂

The Elna is really great, so I don’t think I’ll need any other machines for a while. MAYBE an overlock, because it seems like those really help with apparel sewing, but the Elna really does everything. I think it would be cute to collect sewing machine-related things… but I keep trying to clean out my craft room, not add to it!

If you’re looking to buy a sewing machine, I recommend going through a local dealer instead of Joann’s. First, you’ll be able to support local retail business (which is dying to online shopping like Amazon). And Second, you’ll make friends with so much knowledge they can answer any question or problem you have!

My machine is from Pocono Sew and Vac in Stroudsburg, and while it’s quite the drive, I got a free intro lesson to my machine and I can call them with problems any time. They let me sit and test out every machine in the room and directed me towards the best option for what I want to make. I’ll definitely go back when I need a new machine (although that probably won’t be for a while).

I also just want to share a few resources for taking care of Singer Featherweights – they seem to be super popular these days, but I still need to watch a video every time I thread mine *blushing emoji

  • DeskDave.com: I’m not sure why the URL has nothing to do with sewing, but this factory makes Featherweights in every color, and they carry all the replacement parts you’ll need. I need to buy the carrying case for my machine so I can travel with it 🙂
  • Singer-Featherweight.com: This site has lots of informative blog posts about the history of the machine and how to take care of it. Everything from threading the needle to disassembling the tension unit.
  • The Treasure Cellar youtube channel: This is where I found the needle-threading video
  • April 1930s youtube channel: a few videos on caring for the machine, and how to use some of the attachments. April 1930s is part of the singer-featherweight.com website.

In case you want more information about my Elna Excellence 680: It’s equivalent to the Janome Skyline S5, and has lots of great reviews! I highly recommend it for quilting and garment sewing! It makes my life so much easier!

Happy Monday!


knit in public day is June 11th! what are you working on?

So I was researching fun holidays, and I found Knit in Public Day!! I’m a little skeptical of the list because it didn’t contain Macaron Day, which is obviously a bigger deal…. But I love an excuse to knit.

I think this holiday would be better in the winter, but at least during the summer you can sit in a park and Knit in Public, right?

Anyway, need a few ideas to participate? Here are some quick projects you can knit up in an afternoon. And maybe get started on some Christmas presents (instead of making them the week of Christmas, or Christmas morning, like I’ve done the past 2 years….)

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6 6 vintage quilt top

OK, I need some advice from the quilting/sewing community…

How should I repair and complete this quilt top? photo 6 6 vintage quilt-1_zps6xhkbjkf.jpg

My Mother-in-law gave this to me over the weekend, and I think it’s adorable! It’s a mix of machine- an hand-pieced blocks from the 1930s, and she found it at an auction probably 20 years ago.

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scrabook sunday monthly challenge

May was fairly uneventful… except for Me Made May! I made 4 new garments, and it was great! We also had a fantastic Memorial Day 🙂

  1. Business Cards: I finally made business cards for my freelance SEO and web business! I found a stock photo with flowers and a computer, and it gives a good idea of my style.
  2. Lane Raglan: love this quilted sweatshirt fabric, and my “Handmade by Danielle Wilson” tags 🙂
  3. Bettine Dress: Love this super simple pattern! And the navy blue gingham fabric is adorable
  4. Floaties: All of our pool floats! Love these floats from Target! We can never find enough tubes to float around the lake, and these are 100% perfect 🙂
  5. Floating: It was supposed to rain all day on Memorial Day, but instead it was a beautiful day! I floated around in a watermelon for several hours 🙂

Hope you had a great month!


Me Made May 2016: Bettine Dress, handmade DIY fashion

Next in my Me Made attempts is the Bettine Dress by Tilly and the Buttons. These are all over Instagram, and I think I liked every photo! I knew I needed to make one myself. The pockets might be my favorite aspect of the dress, or maybe that it doesn’t require a zipper or buttons?

I decided to try a summer-y navy gingham pattern, and I wore the dress over Memorial Day weekend because it felt appropriate 🙂

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