Quilting WIP

 photo 8 2 wip-5_zpsfp0xjgt4.jpg
I’ve been super busy lately :) Quilting almost every evening! and blogging of course!

My mom and I have been trying to wrap up some projects that she’s had lying around for years.

The first one is this heart quilt: My mom appliquéd these hearts around 10 years ago. When I moved into my house, she gave me all her old fabric and I found these inside! She was originally making a wall hanging, but that’s not her style anymore. I add the 9-patch checkerboard pieces, spacing squares, and borders. It’s a pretty good throw size now :) Just need to baste and quilt it now!
 photo 8 2 wip-1_zpsjeeyuxm0.jpg
 photo 8 2 wip-2_zpszxcgdaq7.jpg

The other 10-year-old quilt project is the Turning Leaves pattern from Quiltmaker.

My mom bought this kit, and it’s time to finish it!! Hear are the pile of leaves, and my zig zag stitching. I tried to help and cut it out when I was like 15, but I didn’t understand apliqué. I cut them the exact size instead of adding a 1/4inch around to fold under. We decided to just raw-edge zig-zag stitch them. Just can’t wait to finally be finished with this!

Here’s a photo from the pattern:

 photo 8 2 wip-2_zpszxcgdaq7.jpg

Our leaves with the zig zag stitch… and stacks of fabric :)

 photo 8 2 wip-4_zps7sopcemo.jpg
 photo 8 2 wip-3_zpsrx3xyla1.jpg


You will be seeing the finished products soon!! I’m determined to finally finish these after so many years!

Shibori Tie Dye!!

I have seen so much of this indigo shibori tie dye around and knew I had to try it!! I still have more dye, so I need to dye a few more things. I will definitely be updating this post with more tie dye…

I used this dye kit from Amazon.
 photo 7 30 tiedye-3_zpssf4o1pzc.jpg
 photo 7 30 tiedye-4_zps1whllvsj.jpg
 photo 7 30 tiedye-5_zps6wuszrcw.jpg
 photo 7 30 tiedye-7_zpsoerundrv.jpg
 photo 7 30 tiedye-8_zpsr3zpsnh9.jpg
 photo 7 30 tiedye-13_zpscek9dvqo.jpg

 photo 7 30 tiedye-9_zpscfvi8xkc.jpg

The dye is green at first, and then it oxidizes and turns blue. So cool!!

 photo 7 30 tiedye-14_zpsiaactoqp.jpg

I had a white dress that I was going to get rid of, but realized I could at least try to tie dye it!! Here it is before before the dye oxidized…

 photo 7 30 tiedye-11_zps3scqhwim.jpg
 photo 7 30 tiedye-16_zpsgdhkbrfs.jpg

Finished product!!! I love everything!! I want to dye an entire white duvet from Ikea, or a table cloth/ napkin set… lots of options :) and this kit provides a lot of dye, so you really can make anything…
 photo 7 30 tiedye-17_zpsfkr2ujl5.jpg

Favorite Podcasts

 photo 7 28 podcasts_zpstzmd5vgs.jpg

These are not in any particular order… I listen to them all frequently. And I can’t wait for season 2 of Serial to come out!!

  1. Elise Gets Crafty: Every time I listen to this podcast, I come away with goals for my blog and ready to start on a new project. I’m definitely going to buy Elise’s “Get to Work Book” for my 2016 planner. I’m already so excited to hit my goals for my blog and my life.
  2. Modern Sewciety: This one is amazing for quilters. It’s about modern fabrics and modern quilting. It has really opened my mind to new fabric collections and designers. I love traditional quilts with modern fabrics, so I have learned so so so much
  3. Woolful: One of my crafty friends from school got me addicted to this podcast. It’s all about knitting! and wool! It just makes me want to knit knit knit all the time. Don’t be surprised if you get something knitted for a Christmas gift, because I will be knitting. There’s also a woolful mercantile/ shop where you can buy locally sourced, naturally dyed yarn.
  4. Marriage Is Funny: My husband and I listen to this (I’ve listened to all of them, and he only just started), so we’re starting to discuss some of their topics.
  5. Mystery Show: This is just fun.  You just have to listen to it.
  6. Start Up: So educational and an important display of how hard it is to be an entrepreneur! Starting your own business is not easy – if you’re thinking about it, listen to this first. Then don’t quit your day job.

Scrapbook Sunday: Adding Embroidery

 photo 7 26 scrapbook-7_zpsvivl8ztl.jpg I’m always looking for different ways to add texture to my scrapbook pages, and I think I just discovered a new favorite! I’ve sewed over photos, and added washi tape to pages, but embroidering within the photo adds a really fun and different element to the pages.
 photo 7 26 scrapbook-1_zpsi8mxpgrl.jpg First of all, I bought a pack of embroidery thread – Sometimes I’m really dumb and I buy the cheapest thing. Please buy at least the mid-priced version of embroidery thread. This one tangles really easily and never really lies flat. Things are expensive for a reason!!

However, now I have a million different colors to choose from. Moving on…
 photo 7 26 scrapbook-2_zpsl8pbns5l.jpg I love this photo of Eric and me :) It was taken at my cousin’s wedding before we started the 2-hour drive back to NJ (that’s why Eric’s wearing shorts and flip-flops), and we were just happy and being silly. Stef took the photo and started flipping out, “you look like you’re flying!!!!!!”

I printed it on 8.5×11 paper for my scrapbook.
 photo 7 26 scrapbook-3_zps3btr4fsi.jpg It didn’t print exactly straight, so I trimmed it. Do you have one of these tools?? They’re the best!! use it CONSTANTLY when scrapbooking.

I thought it would be adorable to add wings and really go with the flying theme. So I googled “clip art wings” – when I’m trying to draw, I usually search clip art images because they show the basics of the item.

But nothing felt right. And then I remembered Tinkerbell. Her wings are perfect.
 photo 7 26 scrapbook-4.PNG_zps25euqcdh.jpg Start by punching the holes BEFORE adding the thread, and go from the top of the photo down. If you poke through the front of the photo, the paper will look ugly and torn (like the first few holes in the photo below). I wasn’t sure where to start the wings because of my hair in the photo – but then I remembered these really don’t need to look realistic…
 photo 7 26 scrapbook-10_zpseb7hzeuo.jpg I LOVE how the first wing turned out!! it’s so perfect :)
 photo 7 26 scrapbook-5_zpsy5t7fylz.jpg I’m not such a fan of the second wing, but my sister said it looks good. I guess I’ll trust her on this.
 photo 7 26 scrapbook-8_zpsyji5dyyi.jpg And this is the back of the photo….
 photo 7 26 scrapbook-9_zpsktlgnoha.jpg I think embroidery would be a great way to add text to a full page photo, or maybe outline a fun element in a photo. Maybe you could add a crown to a birthday photo? Embroider extra fireworks on a 4th of July photo? Hearts all over a couple’s photo? ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES and relatively simple.

 photo 7 26 scrapbook-7 copy_zps9ylqx85h.jpg


 photo 7 23 paris-1_zpshmgvxhdr.jpg We had so much fun walking around Paris for 3 days! We definitely needed more time to explore this beautiful, huge city and can’t wait to go back someday (soon??)

We stayed in an AirBNB for this city, too. It was right next to the Champs-Élysées, and the first photo was our view when we went around the corner from our apartment :)

Here’s the listing for this place. Overall, it was clean and a good location – close to a grocery store and Josephine’s Bakery. But WHEN we go back, we will stay closer to the center of Paris/ Notre Dame area. The Champs-Élysées area is much more modern and pretty much feels like 5th Ave, New York – and I’m already there every day :)

No complaints for the Air BNB, though. The bed was kind of weird. The listing has some photos of that…
 photo 7 23 paris-23_zps4qtutrbt.jpg The first day we mostly walked around, and that was when we realized that Paris is SO MUCH BIGGER than any city in Spain. We walked about 10 miles on the first day and really didn’t see that much. But we had beautiful weather and just enjoyed being in Paris!
 photo 7 23 paris-19_zpstrpdgj7x.jpg  photo 7 23 paris-9_zpsa1dj6klo.jpg  photo 7 23 paris-7_zpsxgevdx0w.jpg  photo 7 23 paris-8_zpsfgrsczid.jpg After the Eiffel Tower (only a 15 minute walk from our apartment), we went to Les Invalides to see Napoleon’s Tomb and visit the Armory Museum.
 photo 7 23 paris-12_zpsjh43tp95.jpg  photo 7 23 paris-13_zpsr1r0mdvg.jpg  photo 7 23 paris-14_zpsgjrxgv9f.jpg This is the street my dad lived on while he was in Paris at Le Cordon Bleu! All of the buildings are so much prettier in Paris!
 photo 7 23 paris-15_zpskhvdht9q.jpg Seeing the Eiffel Tower twinkle every hour was definitely a highlight of the trip. And I was eating a crepe while we enjoyed this view :)
 photo 7 23 paris-17_zps9wrepxl6.png
The 2nd day, we took a Blue Bike Tour of Versailles. There are 200 acres of gardens and farmland around the palace, so we needed a bike to see all/most of it. We also stopped a farmer’s market to pick up lunch and picnic next to the lake!
 photo 7 23 paris-22_zpsieyxv5lh.jpg  photo 7 23 paris-21_zpsnelto8rw.jpg Of course it was raining, and my outfit was not appropriate for the cold. Good thing we had those ponchos!

While biking, we went to the little farming hamlet that Marie Antoinette had built. So cool! Look at the giant bunnies!!
 photo 7 23 paris-20_zpsrbrs5tdq.jpg After we were finished biking around, we toured the palace. I’m ready to move into one of these rooms!! love the colors and those pink chairs!!!
 photo 7 23 paris-29_zpspyx1n560.jpg
 photo 7 23 paris-50_zpsqlgf1yfc.jpg
 photo 7 23 paris-49_zpsyqnein4x.jpg
The last day, we biked around Paris because obviously walking wasn’t getting us anywhere. We used the Velib system which worked really well! I was so scared, though. Apparently, I’m not a very good biker, and traffic doesn’t help.

We got around and saw everything we wanted, so it was worth it!
 photo 7 23 paris-34_zpsuezvpe3d.jpg Musee D’Orsay! So beautiful! We didn’t go to the Louvre (we had had enough of lines at Versailles), but seeing all the Monets here was great! Next time we want to visit Monet’s house outside Paris and see where he painted the waterlilies.
 photo 7 23 paris-32_zpsxpwm5jwe.jpg  photo 7 23 paris-31_zpsftin7ocx.jpg Sculpture of Mozart and his violin!

Then we biked over to Las Galleries Lafayette and got a beautiful view of Paris. The ceiling in there is pretty cool, too!
 photo 7 23 paris-35_zpsgg47vl72.jpg  photo 7 23 paris-36_zpsx5pxz6oj.jpg  photo 7 23 paris-37_zpspiubxtrd.jpg Then we took the metro to Montmarte. No way we were biking up the mountain to that place…
And we climbed ALL the stairs to Sacré Cœur.
 photo 7 23 paris-38_zpstjzd4fp8.jpg  photo 7 23 paris-39_zpsr3aatjeb.jpg THEN we biked to Notre Dame… Which was our last thing, but probably our favorite part of Paris. I’m a little sad that we didn’t go there earlier, but the trip was still awesome :)
 photo 7 23 paris-41_zpsppzhxten.jpg  photo 7 23 paris-42_zpsmksokpcg.jpg I might have mentioned the selfie- stick phenomenon of our trip… here are two stealth photos that I took of people with selfie sticks…
 photo 7 23 paris-18_zpsqsuywpid.jpg And the Arc de Triomphe on our way to the airport :( BYE PARIS!!
 photo 7 23 paris-47_zpsu0lblupj.jpg

DIY Wanderlust Globe and travel traditions

 photo 7 21 globe-11_zps7tpyy0gq.jpg

So excited to finally finish a project I’ve been thinking about for a while. I saw these at Anthropologie (now sold out), but they were over $100. No way I was going to buy that, unfortunately.
 photo 7 21 globe-16_zpsihn4yoab.jpg I was going to buy a globe on Amazon for painting, but I still thought they were too expensive for something I was going to paint over. Also, they all had plastic stands which just seemed too light and flimsy. I knew I could spray paint the base gold it if I had to buy one.

But then I found one at my favorite antique shop for $12. Yes, only $12. It had a gold metal base!!! and a few tears from being old, but it would work.

It also had the USSR and Yugoslavia, but I was painting over it :) hahaha But definitely something to think about if you’re looking for a globe at an thrift store/antique shop.
 photo 7 21 globe-14_zpsrbtc4usm.jpg So I started the process of painting. I still do not know how to remove the globe from the base. I tried my best.
 photo 7 21 globe-15_zpsx4wdotxw.jpg I started with blue for the water, and then grey for the land.

I was pretty happy to see the Anthro version wasn’t too picky about the country outlines – it is really hard to outline Italy with a paintbrush…

Then I used my favorite 18k Gold Leafing Pen to outline the countries/ continents. I find this pen works so much better than a gold Sharpie.
 photo 7 21 globe-10_zpsrbjc5ggh.jpg I love how it turned out and it’s now displayed on a small bookshelf (sorry for the weird beam of light. It’s coming from the fish tank….)
 photo 7 21 globe-12_zpscrdydnqy.jpg You can write the continent and ocean names on the globe with the gold pen, but I decided to start a new tradition with this globe – every new country that Eric and I visit, we will color in with the gold. Hoping to fill in the entire globe with gold paint!!

Do you have any fun travel traditions? We always buy these country Starbucks mugs. I say always, but I guess we only just started :) My sis and I always buy one of the city mugs for my mom when we go new places, so she has a bunch.
 photo 7 21 globe-13_zpsaym0srbj.jpg When I or my coworkers travel for work or vacation, we bring back magnets for each other – there are quite a few from Brazil because some of the team members went there a few times…
 photo 7 21 globe-1_zpsxuhuwnu2.jpgLet me know if you try and paint a globe!! It’s really fun, easy, and looks great as decor.
 photo 7 21 globe-11 copy_zps4ojeghyb.jpg

Outdoor Tour

 photo 7 19 outdoor tour-3 copy_zpsxgylty1h.jpg
One of the great things about our new house is the huge deck! also the lake view :) We love spending time outside and having friends over to grill. We still need to plan an outdoor party, though.
 photo 7 19 outdoor tour-12_zps9kwgebyf.jpg
Deck chairs were my birthday gift from Eric’s mom! love them!
 photo 7 19 outdoor tour-7_zpsugd46enn.jpg
It runs the full length of the house! And that’s a hot tub at the end!!
 photo 7 19 outdoor tour-11_zpscg5mhu7l.jpg
Our lake view! With only the marina across the lake, we get to see the lake all year around! Sorry it’s kind of glaring in this photo… and please excuse the power lines…
 photo 7 19 outdoor tour-10_zpslvr8htpk.jpg
 photo 7 19 outdoor tour-8_zpsgycpm4wv.jpg
Stef loving some protein…
 photo 7 19 outdoor tour-4_zpskhora93i.jpg
 photo 7 19 outdoor tour-3_zpsvi1ixafc.jpg
Globe lights!!
 photo 7 19 outdoor tour-2_zps9yh1vyvv.jpg