Log Cabin Baby Quilt

1 22 jelly roll quilts-1

I made this quilt for my friend’s baby shower out of Kate Spain’s Canyon jelly roll.

Loved all of these fabrics so much!

2 3 baby quilt-3

I tried a blanket stitch for the binding on this quilt, and I think it’s super cute :) Less of a chance that I will miss the binding on the other side…
2 3 baby quilt-10
Classic quilt pic with my fuzzy slippers!
2 3 baby quilt-15
And a quilt roll up!

Quilt Stats:

Hope you enjoyed this! I’m probably going to buy some yardage of a few of these prints for future patchwork projects… Especially the light grey colorways.


Scrapbook Sunday: Monthly Mini Photo Book

Mostly Sewing | monthly calendar

I’ve been pretty busy sewing and haven’t had a chance to work on my main scrapbooks. I saw this idea on A Beautiful Mess, and thought it was the perfect idea to keep track of the highlights of the year! And a great use for this little book I already had :)

1 30 jan7 1 30 jan8

I might have been watching a few Parks and Rec episodes while watching this…. I love Leslie Knope and her waffle / whipped cream obsession. An inspiration for all of us!!

Here are the pictures I used in the album…

1 30 collage

  • New Year’s Eve dinner, great way to start off 2016
  • photo shoot at my new job !!
  • training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon
  • SO MUCH SNOW… we got 30 inches!!
  • I made this really pretty quilt for a friend’s baby – More on this later :)

Jelly Roll Quilts – WIP

1 22 jelly roll quilts-4

Quilting like crazy this week! Everything goes much faster when using a jelly roll – no cutting and the colors already coordinate :)

1 22 jelly roll quilts-9

I knew I wanted to try out the Log Cabin Quilt, since this book has been lying around my house for a few years :) This method is SO FAST, and you can do so many different things with a traditional log cabin block. Here’s a link to this book.

1 22 jelly roll quilts-4

I love this Canyon fabric collection!! I will definitely be buying more of it in the future. I saved this scrap for my king size log cabin someday.

1 22 jelly roll quilts-1

I also made a log cabin out of the gooseberry fabric collection. I love the goose toile print, but I don’t know if I can look at another large polka dot for a while :p

1 22 jelly roll quilts-2

1 22 jelly roll quilts-2

I also have the book, Jelly Roll Quilts and love the Friendship Braid pattern! The braid pattern is pretty common, but I like using the trapezoid shape instead of strips to eliminate some of the waste in trimming.

1 22 jelly roll quilts-3

This Bright Sun fabric collection is not getting enough attention. I love it! The arrows are so cute, and I love all the tribal prints.

Anyway – These have been super fun quilts to make, but I think one of my favorite parts of quilting is coordinating fabric. Using a precut jelly roll where everything already matches kind of skips that part, although it is much, much faster.

But this was a really fun experience, and I can’t wait to show you the completed photos!!


Winter Quilt Completed!

1 13 winter quilt-16

I posted the WIP for this quilt before Christmas and finished it up by the New Year! It could have been done by Christmas…. but I was kind of busy making other gifts :)

Even though I knew I wanted to make a winter quilt, I was definitely inspired by this triangle quilt. I followed this tutorial for the angled binding.

All the fabrics in this quilt are so fun! I picked up the striped fabric first, and the light blue+ red+green combo was perfect – I will need to find more of it for future projects. I love the bows and reindeer heads!!

Quilting took a little longer than I expected… there are a lot more lines that I thought…

1 13 winter quilt-20

I’ve spray basted my past 2 quilts without a problem, but this one was not working! Maybe the minky was too smooth??

Spray basting still works much better for me than pin basting…. The quilt too stays much smoother and rarely puckers.

1 13 winter quilt-2 1 13 winter quilt-10

Prepping for the binding!

1 13 winter quilt-4

Love simple lines!!

1 13 winter quilt-5

This quilt is a little narrow for a throw quilt, but it’s still cozy and beautiful.


New Year’s Resolutions

I wanted to post these closer to January 1, but it’s been a pretty busy few days. Better late than never.

Last year, I resolved to cook, run more, be a better friend, read through the Bible, and do more yoga… I literally did none of those things. So here we go again, and this first week has been pretty good!

  • Be active everyday: I wear my fitbit and go for those 10k steps each day. I’m currently training for a half marathon, so it’s not too hard.
  • Take a photo everyday: last year my days all blended together, and nothing seemed special. I need to remember what is going on everyday! Maybe I’ll make a mini photo album with all my daily photos… since my scrapbook progress is going slowly…
  • Read the Bible everyday: whether it’s my read-the-Bible-in-a-year plan or something else
  • Write everyday: I’m a writer, so this is important. Most of the time I’m just journaling my thoughts, prayers and progress through this new year, but I’m hoping to add in any stories or poems that I need to put on paper

This episode of Elise Gets Crafty on Creative Habits made me think about the things I wanted to be daily habits – not just resolutions. I’m going to focus on implementing these 4 things beyonds this year, but I have to start one week at a time!

I also downloaded the “habit tracking” app, Productive, which has been super helpful. It’s the only free one I could find that also had 5 stars. My sister is using the same system, but with Lisa Frank stickers in her planner.

What are some of your resolutions?