Well, it’s been a while guys… I spent most of the year focusing on my freelance writing business, but in honor of National Sewing Month I’m going to knock out some projects!

national sewing month 2017 goals and plans

National Sewing Month Goals

  1. Get through my WIP stack:
    To be honest, these pieces are barely WIP. But I do have a large stack of fabric with patterns attached and ready to be cut. I have a few dresses, sweaters, leggings, tshirts…. a bunch of things :/ really need to get through these things.
  2. Plan out my fall capsule wardrobe:
    I’m going to try Project 333 (3 months, 33 items) and clean out my closet for Oct-Dec. I’ve actually been looking forward to this all year… This summer, I’ve worn the same few shirts and shorts and it’s been pretty great. Can’t wait to do the same thing this winter!
  3. Post my office/ sewing room makeover:
    I recently moved my craft room upstairs to my attic – more space, and it’s out of the way! I made my old craft room into a guest room (aka, come visit us!), and that means one less room to tidy up when friends come over… or one less room for the puppy to rummage through.

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As some of you know, I turned 27 last week. I planned on writing a little birthday post about my life and updates and all that… but sometimes those get a little depressing, so instead I’ll show you some fun photos of my birthday brunch party.

The funny thing is… I knew I was going to write this post, as well as a post for the Cafe Pierrot Blog about breakfast brunches/ catering…. but I didn’t really take that many photos :/ Oh well. Here’s the best I could do.

It was so fun, and my friends bought me such cute gifts. Seriously a fun day sitting in the sun and chatting with these ladies. I definitely want to plan more throughout the year. Maybe once a month? I do love brunch….

One of my friends bought me the CUTEST mini party hat from francesca’s…. and here I am posing with the French Toast haha. So yummy! We ended up only having around 10 people at the party, so there was a lot of yummy food 🙂 View Post


Sometimes my life looks like an episode of This Old House. Our little lake house has some amazing views, and we love the location. But since it was built in the 1920s as a summer cottage, we definitely have some work to do. While the chestnut trim around every door and window adds character, we do not enjoy the un-insulated plaster walls.

To be honest, by the time this blog post goes live, the renovation should be in the AFTER stage. In that post, I’ll post a video of the progress. I decided not to edit the photos below… because I didn’t feel like it.

You might think our bathroom LOOKS fine when you go through these photos. Let me tell you the unfortunate realities:

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This was actually a Christmas gift for my Grandma, but since it was a spring print, I waited to share until now 🙂

I used a really great Jelly Roll quilt pattern from the book Jelly Roll Quilts called Garden Trellis. This is a new favorite pattern, because it came together really quickly and looks more complicated than it actually is! Because I really wanted the corners to actually be perfect this time, I did all the trimming on each block 😛

trimmings from the garden trellis lap quilt jelly roll quilts by mostlySewing.com View Post