So i haven’t posted in about 2 weeks now… ah! But I have a good reason, I promise.

We bought a house and we’ve been moving! So much work! I would show before/after photos, but some things were gone within the first hour of owning the house – the ugly, dirty carpet of course.

I’ve been busy painting, pulling staples out of the floor, and cleaning cleaning cleaning. Sometimes I have to wear a mask from all the dust :/ not sure the previous owners dusted at all in the 30 years they lived there.

But we love it! The little house has so much character and it’s really perfect for us right now.

Did I mention it has lake views and a hot tub??

My ridiculous commute pretty much stays the same, but at least it’s feel worth it now. Commuting 1.5 hours each way is awful when you are coming home to an apartment where you can hear your neighbor snoring.

Anyway, I will be back soon with my home-renovation projects, more photos of the house, and crafts for fall!!

10 15 house


I’ve been thinking about my next quilt project…. not sure what I want to do. Maybe a king size quilt for our own bed? Maybe a queen for our guest bed?

I don’t think I’m ready to do a king-sized quilt! I’ve made 3 twin sized for my bunk beds at boarding school/college… I think it would be nice to make a queen for a guest bed, and keep the current duvet on our King Bed…

My favorite quilts are using traditional or “old-fashioned” basic patterns with fun and beautiful fabric. I also enjoy quilts with lots of pieces and blocks because it keeps it interesting :) Of course, this also means the process takes a lot longer….

Such a debate.

2 books I found on Amazon have beautiful traditional patterns shown in fabrics. Material Obsession by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke and Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott. I love Jelly Roll quilts because some of the cutting is done for you, so you can spend more time sewing!

 photo 918books_zpsaffb92e9.jpg

Most of the quilts in these books are for twins/ throws… so that might involved some tricky measurements for a queen (90inX94in). Hoping I’ll just be able to add a row of blocks? We’ll see. Jelly Rolls has a section on making larger quilts in the back of the book, and that should help.

 photo 918quilts_zpsa54c3cd6.jpg

First is from Material Obsessions; 2 is from Etsy that I might try to recreate instead of buying; 3 & 4 are from Jelly Roll

I love the colors with a crisp, white background – I’m leaning towards options 3 or 4. With the right colors (light pinks/ yellows), those could be really beautiful. the first option is really difficult. I’ll attempt that one later in life…

Have you been working on any quilts lately? any suggestions?

books books books [oyster, amazon, library]

Oyster and Amazon are trying to be the “Netflix for books” – in the way that they have some of the good stuff, but nothing that you’re really interested in…

*btw, did you hear Gilmore Girls is coming out on Netflix in October?? I’ve been waiting my ENTIRE life for this. ok, not quite… but maybe the past 8 years? at least? anyway….

Since my commute is so long, I have a lot of time to use my kindle and read, read, read. or sleep. usually sleeping wins…

Gilt City was offering 2 free months of Oyster, and it really sounded like something I would use. And it was free. Nothing to lose, at least. Well, I liked it for the first 2 weeks-ish, but was disappointed that most of my reading list (current NY times best-sellers/ summer reads) were not available.They did have Beautiful Ruins…

And then! Amazon announced an ebook program! yayyyy… but it was kind of the same. Amazon has a little better selection, but still not that great.

Before purchasing any of these plans, just check the ebook selection so you know you’ll use what you’re paying for…

So far the best resource has been the digital library through my county library system – they only have 3 copies available for check out at a time… so i’m on hold for some of the books for a while, but at least they’re the books on my reading list.

Of course, you could always check out real books from the library….

Hope this helps! Enjoy reading!

tshirt quilt part 2: piecing / finished quilt top

So all the tshirts are cut and now it’s time to lay it all out and sew it together!!

It feels like putting together a giant puzzle. I left a lot of room around some logos, so I could cut them down where necessary.

 photo 917quilt-4_zps9f8f9a05.jpg


One of the trickiest parts was figuring out which pieces to sew together before attaching to another one. At one point, I realized the way I approached it was completely wrong, and needed to rip out and start over :(

The best was to go is looking at what other seams touch one straight edge – and start with those. For the photo below – I would sew together the red and grey strips before attaching to the bottom of the mustard- colored shirt.

 photo 917quilt-7_zps38d0c4f4.jpg

It’s tricky – but since I have so many tshirts I got a lot of practice :) for the one below, I sewed the two orange pieces together and attached to the white piece

 photo 917quilt-8_zps6c0365c6.jpg

Sometimes it looks like seams are puckering – but ironing hides a multitude of sins. The final quilting also neatens the seams – in case you’re kind of lazy like me.

 photo 917quilt-2_zpsda4ca49a.jpg

making sure the ends will meet – this piece was 1.5 inches longer than the top of the quilt…. but I had enough room to cut and re-sew.

 photo 917quilt-1_zps360f388e.jpg

squaring the edges…

 photo 917quilt-5_zps192e4bc2.jpg

being silly holding up have of the quilt top I had finished…. it’s really long

 photo 917quilt-9_zpsf0af717b.jpg

everything sewn together!! Not perfect, but I like it :) The finished measurements are 84Lx 54W… great size for a throw blanket!

Next time you see this I’ll be done! I’m planning on posting the finished product in about 2 weeks…. let’s see if I can actually post on schedule :/

Hope you have a great Wednesday!!