Log Cabin Quilt Inspiration

Since we bought our house, my mom has dropped off all her sewing materials in books here in an effort to clean our her own house. This is fine, but kind of funny because she brings stuff almost every time she comes over now.
 photo 8 12 log10_zpsldb4d3bc.jpg
She dropped off this Quilt in a Day book, and I pretty much ignored it… it looks so 80s!!!

 photo 8 12 log9_zps8rf0l5id.jpg How could I resist all the fun they must be having???

But the concept is actually amazing, because you really can make this quilt in a day. And now I’m dreaming of making a log cabin quilt….

While the book has some pretty off-trend fabric choices ( it was published in 1986), I love some of these modern log cabin quilt blocks using bright colors, pastels, or even solids…. really so many ways to be creative within a traditional pattern.

 photo 8 12 log3_zpseehrf9i1.jpg

Love these colors! Found this one on PrettyByHand.com – her blog is beautiful!

 photo 8 12 log1_zpszjqvurdc.jpg

This is the Summer Cabin Easy Quilt on Fons and Porter.com Is it weird that I love the solid neutrals the most??

 photo 8 12 log4_zps7z935f6h.jpg

SometimeCrafter.com posted this photo from the Country Living book “Making and Displaying Quilts.” I might have to buy it! and I love love love the concept of only 3 colors – perfectly simplistic.

I love them even more when I think of just buying a Moda Jelly Roll and not cutting any strips! Seriously, must be the easiest ever.

Trying to decide what I want to make for my king-sized bed quilt. Maybe Log Cabin? As much as I love it, I probably won’t make the big quilt out of it – but you’ll definitely see a throw size by the end of the year!!

on snapchat lately

 photo 8 18 snapchat-20_zpszlc9xtuy.jpg

I promise that I have this great editorial calendar planned with three posts every week, but it keeps getting messed up…

We went to New Hampshire one weekend to help a friend move, and while I was crafting (knitting a hat while Eric was driving), I was not writing blog posts :)

Aaaand all the books I had on hold at the library came in, so I’ve been trying to read those!! not enough time in the day!!

So last week was a little break from the pressure of blogging consistently, but I should be good for a while now.
 photo 8 18 collage-1_zpskx3ia6lh.jpg

 photo 8 18 collage-2_zpsno9pilj8.jpg

We love the NJ State Fair! We were only there for about 1 1/2 hours, but we know the best places to go….

The other reason for my blogging break – many of the projects I’m completing are actually gifts, so I can’t post on the blog in case one of the recipients sees them. Unfortunately, most are CHRISTMAS gifts, so I won’t be able to post about them for a really long time…. but good things to look forward to!

 photo 8 18 collage-5_zpsdrfxrj9p.jpg

random great things in my life… cacti, dinner in soho, our warehouse full of shoes and clothes, brunch at my parent’s restaurant with my family…

If you follow me on snapchat (daniellew1228), then you know what’s been going on in my real life adventures. I like to put together some of the pics for the blog… I know a lot of people who don’t use snapchat, but I don’t want them to miss out!

 photo 8 18 snapchat-15_zpstcbgs98p.jpg

we went sailing in NH because the weather was too beautiful to spend packing all day

 photo 8 18 collage-3_zpsybme9oou.jpg

 photo 8 18 collage-4_zpsdsxbrwln.jpg

spending a day on the lake with stef… but I could feel the sun block wasn’t strong enough and I was burning. My sister thought it was hilarious… Say no to skin damage!!

Refinished Dresser…

 photo 8 6 dresser-17_zpsb3kpztws.jpg

Eric and I had this old dresser – it got damaged from our fishtank, and I thought it was time to refinish it… I bought some cute knobs from Homegoods, but they didn’t match the knobs on the dresser.
 photo 8 6 dresser-2_zpsccz5jzos.jpg
 photo 8 6 dresser-1_zpstf0elguo.jpg
 photo 8 6 dresser-16_zpsrypbzllk.jpg

Here’s a photo of the damage …
 photo 8 6 dresser-3_zpscxdpkryq.jpg

Eric helping me by removing the drawer pulls….
 photo 8 6 dresser-4_zpsrqc0rfpq.jpg

In order to get rid of the 2 holes and only make 1, I had to use wood filler.
 photo 8 6 dresser1_zpsymvdrr7c.jpg


  1. Sanding down and smoothing the wood filler
  2. Measuring to find the center of the old drawer pull
  3. Mark the spot…
  4. Drilling the final hole…

1 coat on the drawers
 photo 8 6 dresser-15_zpsetxgnurj.jpg

1 coat on the dresser…
 photo 8 6 dresser-7_zpsxwylpv7v.jpg

Quilting WIP

 photo 8 2 wip-5_zpsfp0xjgt4.jpg
I’ve been super busy lately :) Quilting almost every evening! and blogging of course!

My mom and I have been trying to wrap up some projects that she’s had lying around for years.

The first one is this heart quilt: My mom appliquéd these hearts around 10 years ago. When I moved into my house, she gave me all her old fabric and I found these inside! She was originally making a wall hanging, but that’s not her style anymore. I add the 9-patch checkerboard pieces, spacing squares, and borders. It’s a pretty good throw size now :) Just need to baste and quilt it now!
 photo 8 2 wip-1_zpsjeeyuxm0.jpg
 photo 8 2 wip-2_zpszxcgdaq7.jpg

The other 10-year-old quilt project is the Turning Leaves pattern from Quiltmaker.

My mom bought this kit, and it’s time to finish it!! Hear are the pile of leaves, and my zig zag stitching. I tried to help and cut it out when I was like 15, but I didn’t understand apliqué. I cut them the exact size instead of adding a 1/4inch around to fold under. We decided to just raw-edge zig-zag stitch them. Just can’t wait to finally be finished with this!

Here’s a photo from the pattern:

 photo 8 2 wip-2_zpszxcgdaq7.jpg

Our leaves with the zig zag stitch… and stacks of fabric :)

 photo 8 2 wip-4_zps7sopcemo.jpg
 photo 8 2 wip-3_zpsrx3xyla1.jpg


You will be seeing the finished products soon!! I’m determined to finally finish these after so many years!

Shibori Tie Dye!!

I have seen so much of this indigo shibori tie dye around and knew I had to try it!! I still have more dye, so I need to dye a few more things. I will definitely be updating this post with more tie dye…

I used this dye kit from Amazon.
 photo 7 30 tiedye-3_zpssf4o1pzc.jpg
 photo 7 30 tiedye-4_zps1whllvsj.jpg
 photo 7 30 tiedye-5_zps6wuszrcw.jpg
 photo 7 30 tiedye-7_zpsoerundrv.jpg
 photo 7 30 tiedye-8_zpsr3zpsnh9.jpg
 photo 7 30 tiedye-13_zpscek9dvqo.jpg

 photo 7 30 tiedye-9_zpscfvi8xkc.jpg

The dye is green at first, and then it oxidizes and turns blue. So cool!!

 photo 7 30 tiedye-14_zpsiaactoqp.jpg

I had a white dress that I was going to get rid of, but realized I could at least try to tie dye it!! Here it is before before the dye oxidized…

 photo 7 30 tiedye-11_zps3scqhwim.jpg
 photo 7 30 tiedye-16_zpsgdhkbrfs.jpg

Finished product!!! I love everything!! I want to dye an entire white duvet from Ikea, or a table cloth/ napkin set… lots of options :) and this kit provides a lot of dye, so you really can make anything…
 photo 7 30 tiedye-17_zpsfkr2ujl5.jpg

Favorite Podcasts

 photo 7 28 podcasts_zpstzmd5vgs.jpg

These are not in any particular order… I listen to them all frequently. And I can’t wait for season 2 of Serial to come out!!

  1. Elise Gets Crafty: Every time I listen to this podcast, I come away with goals for my blog and ready to start on a new project. I’m definitely going to buy Elise’s “Get to Work Book” for my 2016 planner. I’m already so excited to hit my goals for my blog and my life.
  2. Modern Sewciety: This one is amazing for quilters. It’s about modern fabrics and modern quilting. It has really opened my mind to new fabric collections and designers. I love traditional quilts with modern fabrics, so I have learned so so so much
  3. Woolful: One of my crafty friends from school got me addicted to this podcast. It’s all about knitting! and wool! It just makes me want to knit knit knit all the time. Don’t be surprised if you get something knitted for a Christmas gift, because I will be knitting. There’s also a woolful mercantile/ shop where you can buy locally sourced, naturally dyed yarn.
  4. Marriage Is Funny: My husband and I listen to this (I’ve listened to all of them, and he only just started), so we’re starting to discuss some of their topics.
  5. Mystery Show: This is just fun.  You just have to listen to it.
  6. Start Up: So educational and an important display of how hard it is to be an entrepreneur! Starting your own business is not easy – if you’re thinking about it, listen to this first. Then don’t quit your day job.