I know the “holiday season” has ended, but I wanted to share my 2016 Christmas details before they’re too far past. didn’t really feel like sharing them during December 2017…

Christmas Eve Morning

Stef and I started the day off well by playing at the Cafe during breakfast. The store is open from 7-3 for customers picking up their Christmas dinners, and we love playing music to spread the holiday cheer!

Christmas Eve tradition! Playing Christmas Carols at the cafe with my sister! 🎶🎻🎶 #wilsondecemberdaily

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Looking forward to next year, because we realized our favorite duet publisher came out with a new Christmas book! No one ever complains, but we’re a little bored playing the same songs each year…

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Every time I visit my mom’s house, she mentions she doesn’t have a Christmas quilt yet. Well, it’s finished! I bought a charm pack from Moda’s Jol Collection earlier in the year and fell in love with the little reindeer as well as the Scandinavian color scheme. My mom loves all things grey and white, so it was perfect!

HST Triangle quilt from the Moda Jol charm pack! Obsessed with these little reindeer!

Inspired by Then Came June’s star quilts all over her Instagram account, I made the star in a solid, with the Jol pattern around it. With a flannel on the back, I love love love it!


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If you’re reading this blog, there’s a possibility you’re a sewist and you know what you want for Christmas… but if you’re looking for a gift for that crazy crafty cousin, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a compilation of my favorite tools and books that would be great for any level of sewist!

The 2016 Gift Guide for Sewists by MostlySewing.com

Gifts for Sewists:

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A few months ago my mother-in-law found a few quilt blocks that she hadn’t assembled. She started over 20 years ago and then left the blocks in the attic.

She gave me more yardage of the fabric, and I was able to finish it up for her birthday!

double T quilt block in red and white

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Getting ready to start a big project with the Les Fleurs collection by Cotton & Steel! Lots of HSTs and I'm not totally sure about the layout yet...

So I FINALLY started cutting up my Les Fleurs fabrics. I’ve had the plan for a while now, but never actually cut into the fabric.

And by plan, I only mean I wanted a Half Square Triangle quilt…. I still haven’t decided on the layout yet.

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I start listening to Christmas Music on Nov 1, and there's plenty of new albums to get excited about this year!

FINALLY!! I start listening to Christmas music a little early (at least I admit it) to really get into the Christmas spirit. My Christmas music listening dwindled in 2014 and 2015 because of the 1989 and 25 album releases…. I was listening to those on repeat for a while, and they conflicted with the usual festivity.

I don’t think there’s any major releases coming up, so I’m ready for all the new Christmas albums. SO MANY CHRISTMAS ALBUMS ARE BEING RELEASED THIS YEAR!

I’m so excited.

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I found a great product for organizing my craft room, and I had to share with you! I think other sewing bloggers have used these before, but I thought it would be a good time to remind my readers that these exist 🙂

The BUMERANG Pants Hanger from Ikea!!

using the bumerang pant hanger from Ikea for sewing pattern organization is probably the cheapest method I've found yet!

These are definitely the cheapest (I searched Amazon for something similar, but nothing for $0.99). I bought 10, and 2 of them didn’t work… so I’ll be returning those.

I really thought 10 would be enough, but was pleasantly surprised to find that I have more than 10 patterns with several waiting to be printed!

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Remember the Falling Leaves table runner from a few weeks ago? Well, I had some fabric leftover, and thought it would be perfect for coordinating coasters! These would make perfect housewarming or Christmas gifts, and they’re super quick to stitch up.

Also- a good way to practice my binding technique 🙂


  • Charm Pack or Scrap Fabric
  • Extra Batting
  • Backing: Leftover backing from my table runner
  • Binding: I used the same as the backing because I liked the plaid print

These fabric coasters are a great stash-buster and they make a perfect gift for the holidays!

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