A Quilt for Fall….

 photo 11 17 leaves-16 copy_zpsewdfkmhu.jpg
This quilt has been sitting at my mom’s house for about 10 years, and every fall we say that we’ll finish it. So glad we finally accomplished that goal!!

We found out that my 15-year-old self didn’t understand adding seam allowances for applique, so we decided to do a zig zag stitch around each leaf instead.

I also wasn’t good at cutting squares, so some of the backings for the leaves were too small or too big. But overall, I think it looks good! And we’re just happy that it’s finished in time for Thanksgiving.

I quilted around the leaves and added the veins suggested by the pattern. Then I added the leaf decorative stitch to the binding – I hadn’t thought about using decorative stitches on a binding until I heard Christa Watson suggest it on the Modern Sewciety podcast. I think it’s the perfect finishing touch.

Ok – all the photos are below. I’ve added a few links for reference.

 photo 11 17 leaves-9_zpstdkqex1p.jpg photo 11 17 leaves-7_zpshcug6yoe.jpg  photo 11 17 leaves-3_zpsy26xcmbi.jpg  photo 11 17 leaves-11_zps3dnogjms.jpg  photo 11 17 leaves-13_zpsojsqsot7.jpg


Pinwheel / Windmill Quilt

 photo 11 3 pinwheels-20_zpsh7g9a3qu.jpg

This quilt is finished and gifted! I really enjoyed making it – and it was definitely my best so far. I must admit that I was sad to see it go, but I’ll make another one someday.

Finished Dimensions: 40×48 / crib or throw quilt

I used minky on the back, because people usually like it. I don’t enjoy sewing with it, but it is very soft… I tried to use a lot of fabrics from my stash, but I ended up buying 2 charm packs and some 1/4 yardage from Gotcha Covered Quilting. This girl does some awesome Instagram sales and is one of the few shops that sells yardage in 1/4 yard segments. I try not to buy too much extra fabric, because my house is not quite big enough yet…

Now let me show you some of my favorite pinwheels. These were SO MUCH FUN. I think I showed these to everyone I met. I’m not even joking.

pinwheel quilt blocks || mostlysewing.com


pinwheel quilt blocks || mostlysewing.com

Love the colors on this one

pinwheel quilt blocks || mostlysewing.com

hehe angry cloud! obsessed

My mom bought me this amazing sewing machine as an early Christmas present and I am super super excited about it. I love knowing my problems are just with my sewing skills, not my machine. Makes my life easier!

This is the Elna Excellence 680 (Janome Syline S5). I considered getting something more industrial, but I really wanted the option to sew garments.
 photo 11 3 pinwheels-9_zpsj8o42klt.jpg So I laid out all the pinwheels – and then my sister sent me this awesome snapchat for mixing some of them.
 photo 11 3 pinwheels-12_zpsek6ediqi.png
I also tried spray basting for the first time – LIFE CHANGING. Everything stayed together much better. It’s definitely more expensive than reusing pins, but it works really well. I know some of the improvement was from having a better sewing machine, but it felt like everything was smoother and there were no puckers. What?? that never happens to me :)

Here’s the link for the spray I bought (amazon affiliate)  Amazon Prime is THE BEST.

pinwheel quilt blocks || mostlysewing.com

super smooth

pinwheel quilt block || mostlysewing.com

Finished Product!

pinwheel quilt block || mostlysewing.com

being silly with the quilt in the fall leaves

pinwheel quilt block || mostlysewing.com

polka dot binding! so fun!

pinwheel quilt block || mostlysewing.com

I’m getting better at binding…. and I love my labels :)


One Year in Our House

Happy one year anniversary to our house!! I can’t believe we have been homeowners for a full year… The year has been hard, and we’ve learned a lot, but we love our little house!
I wish I had more “before” photos to share, because we have made so many improvements. Except for the landscaping… That looks worse. It’s possible our house actually looks abandoned :/  We’ll work on that next year…
One of the very first things we did was rip up the carpet and refinish the hardwood floors. They look beautiful! We also did some painting – the walls are grey in real life. This photo makes them look blue :p

 photo IMG_5597_zpsa125d607.jpg

Then there was the basic homeowner issues: our hot water heater broke, pipes froze, and our fireplace didn’t work…
We installed a coal insert to solve the fireplace issues:
fireplace beforeafter

 photo 6 7 entry way3_zpsfepwhscf.jpg
 photo 7 12 hanging plants-6_zps9kzga7dg.jpg

 photo 5 28 craft room-9_zpspjontzfn.jpg

 photo 7 19 outdoor tour-1_zpsd0gk2rar.jpg

And we bought new windows for our living room, so no wind and snow will get inside! Seriously, that happened last winter. It was so cold.
Some room are not “finished,” which is why I haven’t shared them online yet. Our kitchen is beautiful, but it doesn’t have any of our personality yet – I have some plans for that :) Our bedroom doesn’t feel finished either… We want to buy a new dining room table and chairs to complete that room… And we have a major renovation planned for the attic/second floor that is not being used right now.
So many plans! We’re not sure this is our “forever home,” but we love living here and can’t wait to improve it.
Thanks for stopping by!

quilt labels

Since I’ve been making more quilts and garments, I decided to buy some tags :)

Joann’s sells some labels that you can write on with marker, but it’s not really my style… And I don’t trust markers to stay on fabric. Bad experienceS washing signatures off of those jr high camp tshirts :'(

I also wanted something that would work for all the fabric things I make, so I started researching…

I decided on using It’s Mine Labels, because they had a pretty low cost for 100 labels (probably more than I need, but at least I’m ready!).


I think they’re so cute! Since I don’t name my quilts or anything, I didn’t need all the space to write those details. I just write the year at the end of the tab, and sew it on.

Here it in on the quilt…


I also love when embroidery is used for quilt labels – it’s such a great touch (and it won’t wash off). My embroidery skills are not that great, though, as you can see below. And sometimes the quilt just needs to be done!

Thanks for stopping by! What do you think of my labels?

jamies baby13


Irish Chain Crib Quilt

 photo 9 22 quilt-20_zpssqw8t5xc.jpg
Finally finished one of the baby quilts I’ve been working on! Probably a good thing, since my friend’s baby is due next week-ish…
I thought it was taking me a while, but turns out I was really watching too much Gray’s Anatomy. Too distracting. Once I closed myself in the craft room, I finished it up pretty quickly.

 photo 9 22 quilt-1_zpsbps3wfh0.jpg

my original plan was a square quilt, but then I liked it so much I added more rows to make it areal crib quilt. Required a lot of little squares….

 photo 9 22 quilt-3_zpszuzjyjw6.jpg

My pretty little stacks of squares :) Just used scraps from my collection, and I love it!

 photo 9 22 quilt-6_zpsefqrw4qq.jpg

Laying out the squares – apparently this is not the right way to make this type of quilt? I should read tutorials and directions before I start sewing…. but it turned pretty well :)

 photo 9 22 quilt-7_zpsziynw3gs.jpg

Sewing all the strips together…

 photo 9 22 quilt-10_zpsy8t5lkfd.jpg

Ironing ironing ironing

 photo 9 22 quilt-11_zpszqjyad52.jpg

Basting the layers…

 photo 9 22 quilt-14_zpsrgbqkpwg.jpg

Binding fabric! love love love

 photo 9 22 quilt-16_zpsxmikf1rh.jpg

Sewing the binding :)

 photo 9 22 quilt-15_zpsspojoqek.jpg

TAKING APART MY MACHINE CONSTANTLY. because it hates quilting

 photo 9 22 quilt-18_zpscrv1hcrf.jpg

 photo 9 22 quilt-19_zpsvssqod0l.jpg

Here it is completed! I know there are a lot of puckers in the fabric, but the colors are so fun! Hope the baby likes it!