I lined a few overly-distressed spots with on my jeans with lace! Super simple project, and it looks really cute!

Happy Monday!

I was going through my alterations bin, and found these jeans at the bottom! I totally forgot that I was planning to fix the distressed holes. The jeans already had fabric backing some of the holes, but it wasn’t staying place…
I lined a few overly-distressed spots with on my jeans with lace! Super simple project, and it looks really cute!I lined a few overly-distressed spots with on my jeans with lace! Super simple project, and it looks really cute!

Eventually I didn’t like my knee going through the hole when the fabric wore down. Somewhere on pinterest I saw lace-patched jeans and knew I should try it on these…

I lined a few overly-distressed spots with on my jeans with lace! Super simple project, and it looks really cute!

This was a pretty quick project – I just cut the lace to fit around the spots, and then handstitched it in place. I didn’t feel like trying to fit the jeans over my sewing machine, so handsewing was a better option.

I lined a few overly-distressed spots with on my jeans with lace! Super simple project, and it looks really cute! I lined a few overly-distressed spots with on my jeans with lace! Super simple project, and it looks really cute!

I think I might add a little more distressing to these jeans, but for now I’m just excited to wear them in the fall!!

I lined a few overly-distressed spots with on my jeans with lace! Super simple project, and it looks really cute!


When I was making the squares for my Wedding Ring Quilt, I had a lot of extra strips from charm packs of my favorite collections.

pile of scraps for my improv attempts with some of my favorite fabric!

With all these strips, I decided to make – you guessed it – mini log cabin blocks! They’re so cute! And these are some of my fabrics, so I was really excited to get into this particular stash pile 🙂

Because these were from charm packs, most of the strips were 1.5 x 5 inches… not quite big enough to do anything with. I had a few other scraps that were longer to use as the longest strips on the blocks.

Originally, I wanted the strips to be different widths, but it would have been more work – And I don’t think that’s how improv is supposed to be?

improv attempts with some of my favorite fabric!

It was nice just to pick up fabric without thinking too much. Sometimes I chose not to have a bunch of aqua strips in a row and would switch out an original pick with a different color, but it still looks pretty random…

I made eight little blocks to start with, but I still have a lot of scraps. Maybe I’ll keep adding on and see how big it is? I’ll guess if it’s not big enough for a throw quilt, I could make pillow covers or something.

improv attempts with some of my favorite fabric! improv attempts with some of my favorite fabric!

The first 8 blocks

improv attempts with some of my favorite fabric!

Love this stack of little blocks 🙂


Off the Shoulder handmade dress by MostlySewing! Chambray and ruffles!

Here’s another super simple dress pattern! I used Megan Nielsen’s Tutorial for this dress.

The fabric is chambray from Mood 🙂 I’m obsessed with the color!

I did have a problem with the elastic and the fit. I used a chambray fabric that was too heavy for the 1/4″ elastic that was suggested. So I seam ripped the whole elastic casing and put in 1/2 elastic – which helped a little, but I realized there was another problem.

Megan’s pattern calls for A LOT of extra fabric to make it really flow-y. Because my chambray was too heavy, I had to trim off excess fabric after I finished sewing the whole thing.

Off the Shoulder handmade dress by MostlySewing! Chambray and ruffles!

Here’s the dress pulled up on my shoulders a little bit, but I think the ruffles puff out a little too much.

Yes, yes I have KT Tape on my knee… it makes me feel like an olympian!! Turns out the hills in my town were a little too much for my knee – back on the treadmill for half marathon training.

I suggest these measurements for the body of the dress:
“Measure from right above your bust all the way around” (MN tutorial), then cut this number in half – to get a front/ back measurement. Add 6 inches to make sure it fits over your body and account for seam allowance (and keep it a little flow-y)

Mark the armholes as she said in the tutorial.

For the ruffle: I don’t think I made it as wide as she says in the tutorial, but I can’t remember what I did :/ I need to make another dress so I can figure this out.

Off the Shoulder handmade dress by MostlySewing! Chambray and ruffles!

This dress isn’t perfect because of those fit issues, but it’s pretty cute and perfect for summer – which apparently is almost over?? I guess I’ll wear it more next year.

lake life

And here’s just a pretty photo of the lake 🙂 I love where I live!

Off the Shoulder handmade dress by MostlySewing! Chambray and ruffles!



six years of blogging

Apparently I missed my five-year blogging anniversary last year. Today marks SIX YEARS of blogging at MostlySewing.com! It was mostlysewing.wordpress.com back then, but the point is I started.


Here’s my embarrassing first post. I talk about fear of failure and not wanting people to know what I’m writing about. Well, almost no one read my blog for years, so I shouldn’t have been so concerned! Also, I remember going through this phase where I didn’t capitalize anything – but why?? Maybe it was in rebellion to grammar all day? So glad I got over that one.

Starting a blog back then was strange. No one I knew was blogging, and Pinterest hadn’t been invented yet (or I didn’t know about it), so there was no one telling me to post on a schedule or find my niche or anything. This is my second post from the next day (yayyy 2 in a row) where I talk about the fabric I bought without providing any photos…

I skipped all of Sept 2010, then wrote two posts in October which state something like, “No one reads this, but here’s an update on my life.”

In a post from March 2011, I said that I started taking Tae-Bo! What?? I totally don’t remember this… So glad I have a blog to document everything I’ve forgotten.

In Summer 2011, I started blogging more often (but not consistently). These posts are fun, but have terrible photography 🙂

Then no posts until December. Basically, I never posted during the school year. I was an English major writing too much for class, and no time for extra blogging.

In 2012, I changed the header of my site to say “Mostly Wedding” as I blogged about the wedding planning process. I started blogging much more frequently after I graduated college.

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Thought I’d share another Flashback Friday of one of my first projects! I’ve been crafty for a long time, but this is one of the first projects I quilted 🙂

Flashback Friday: handsewn quilted purse from the Klutz Quilting bookI still have some of the scraps from this project! I remember we went to a Rag Shop nearby before it closed and bought so many random fabrics from the clearance section!

flashback friday reversible shoulder bag!


I don’t remember hand sewing all of this… and considering how much I hate hand sewing, this is pretty surprising.

Flashback Friday Klutz quilting book reversible shoulder bag

Because it was reversible, I couldn’t hide all my stitches that well… Apparently, I didn’t know to use coordinating thread? The bag isn’t supposed to be reversible, so normally these stitches would have been hidden.

8 19 flashback friday-4

Hand stitching along the bottom of the bag…

This is the Klutz book that I learned from 🙂

Flashback Friday: Klutz Quilting book! Flashback Friday: Klutz Quilting book with the instructions for making this bag!

I think I made 2 more of these bags, but I can’t find them anywhere…

The great thing about this book are these little cards! One side has an arrangement of half-square triangles, and the other side has half-square triangles to make your own pattern. So fun

Flashback Friday: Klutz Quilting Fflashcards for half-square triangles

Happy Friday! Anyway, hope you have a great weekend!!


This might be one of the easiest projects ever! Maybe it would be easier if you just made this as a t-shirt, but I can’t wait to show you how simple this dress was!

For the fabric, I used a grey and white striped cotton/rayon blend from Mood 🙂 It’s super soft and I want to wear it all the time!

The Lane Raglan dress hack! I just lengthened the tshirt portion a few inches to make a dress!


Clearly, I’m obsessed. This photo isn’t even half of my collection. However, this dress is the first me-made stripe!

Lane Raglan Dress Hack - a few pieces of my stripe collection!

Apparently, I really love stripes by Gap and Forever 21….

Lane Raglan Hack

I only needed 4 pattern pieces to make the dress! The front, back, sleeve, and neck band! I used another dress to determine the extra length. I counted the stripes to make sure it was the same on both sides.

Laying out the pattern pieces. I lengthened the front and back pieces to make the dress!

After I cut it out, I think it took less than 2 hours to assemble. I did need to hem it more than I expected. I ended up not using the curved bottom and just keeping it straight across.

Lane Raglan Dress hack! Love everything about this little dress. Super comfy and easy to make!


My sewing machine kept eating the fabric when I tried to attach my tags… So I gave up on that 🙂 Maybe I’ll try again later…

I love how this fits! I’ll definitely be making another one soon.

The Lane Raglan with extra length to make a dress! It's super comfy :)


Happy Monday! Eric and I are away this weekend, but I actually managed to schedule ahead and complete another quilt this week! 🙂

Vintage Quilt Repairs and Completion

A few weeks ago, I asked for advice on repairing this vintage quilt top. I decided just to stitch up the holes, then finish the quilting and binding as normal.

Some of the fabric was really disintegrated, so I filled it in with interfacing.

Vintage Quilt Repairs and Completion

I chose a blue gingham for the binding, and a solid navy for the backing 🙂 I just love navy!!

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Starting a new, huge project (king-sized project) and just got a fabric delivery!! Can’t wait to get started!! #lowvolume

A photo posted by Danielle Wilson (@mostlysewing) on

So hard to choose my favorite online fabric shops, but I thought I’d try and share where I usually purchase fabric for my projects.

In support of small & local business, I try NOT to shop at Joann’s… but the store is only 10 minutes from my house, so I end up there more than I like for notions and random supplies. I prefer designer quilt fabrics, so I don’t find much at Joann’s for those projects (and they don’t have my favorite batting). Sometimes I buy fabric for binding at Joann’s, since I never decide until the quilt is practically finished.

I buy fabric online a lot… and I get so excited about getting mail 🙂 My husband thinks it’s hilarious.

A new quilt shop opened up closer to me (30 minutes instead of 45 minutes), so maybe I’ll finally have a local quilt shop to support! Business in NJ is SO HARD guys, and I’m sure it’s worse for fabric shops, so I try to shop local as often as possible.

Friday Faves: Online Fabric Shops

  • FabricBubb.com : She makes custom bundles that are SO MUCH FUN. Follow her on instagram for great pictures of fabric 🙂 She also carries ALL of the Kona Solids, so now you know where to find that perfect color. I kind of wish shipping was free, but don’t we all?
  • FatQuarterShop.com: Best place for precuts! But they also carry yardage. They have daily and weekly flash sales, so look out for those! With free shipping over $80, I usually try to stock up for a few projects at one time.
  • Fabric.com: I kind of feel bad mentioning this site, since it’s owned by Amazon. But it’s cheap, free shipping over $35, and carries pretty much everything. They do sell out of fabrics quickly, so watch out for what you want.
  • Shop In The Making: Free Shipping over $25! I found some of my favorite Kate Spain Canyon here, and ordered a bunch of fun fat quarters. Really cute packaging, too!
  • IndieSew.com: I haven’t actually bought fabric here, but I love that you can “Browse Creations” for every pattern, so you know what different patterns look like in each fabric. This is super important when you’re shopping online, and you don’t have the option to touch the fabric.

So that’s where I shop! If I’m looking for something specific, I’ll just search etsy and sometimes find a new favorite place 🙂




Whole 30 Details, results, and life lessons!

So it’s been a week since we finished Whole 30, and I thought I’d share what we learned! I say “Round 1” because I have a feeling we’re going to do this again sometime soon!

Before we started the diet, we did stock up on meat and produce. We also told EVERYONE we knew about the diet. Lots of accountability 🙂

Why Whole 30?


Eric watched a documentary about sugar and realized that there was sugar in everything. I already knew this – hello, this is the obesity/ diabetes problem in America. But sometimes that’s what you need to get started. And I was so glad he was onboard and supportive of me in this. He cut out soda back in April, so that helped make the transition easier.

I think I’m lactose intolerant?

Turns out I’m not. More on that below. This is why Whole 30 is amazing!

Isn’t this just the Atkins Diet?

NO! It’s not about weight loss. I run a lot, so I’m not really concerned about my calorie consumption. This is about learning what’s best for your body and NOT BEING ADDICTED to food (sugar mostly). Unlike Atkins, the diet has a definite end date and then you decide what makes you feel good. Or you decide you just want to put up with the results of eating these things.

Oh, and no cheating or slip ups. Because this isn’t about weigh loss, you really can’t cheat.

whole 30 results and life lessons

Day One

This may not be evident from my blog posts, but my dad is an excellent baker and chef. He studied in Paris and everything in their restaurant/bakery is amazing. And I work there. I do marketing and web design for them, but I am surrounded by the treats all day long.

I’ve always said Cookie Monster is my hero, and I knew that my “Sugar Dragon” was breathing fire in my brain for most of my life.

What I didn’t realize was the HABIT of putting sugar in my coffee or grabbing a cookie/ cake sample. It was just part of the routine….

So the first day was challenging.

Fortunately, I was doing this with my mom, sister, and husband so we were going through it together. Since I work with my mom, we both realized the habit of grabbing a sample of Chocolate Cherry bread on the way to our office.

Eric works in an engineering office and said, “I was talking to our admin and realized my mouth tasted minty! I had eaten a mint out of her desk jar and didn’t even notice!”

Our first lesson was definitely MINDFULNESS. We literally didn’t know what we were putting into our mouths, and that’s a really bad way to live.

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indigo shibori tie dye hand dyed fabric made into log cabin strips

Happy to announce that I finally finished my Shibori Tie Dyed quilt! The blocks were sitting on my sewing table for months, and I realized I had scheduled a brand new quilt for today’s post. I said, “NO, let’s finish this one FIRST.” Take that procrastination!

Previous posts..

In case you missed the first few posts on this quilt, check out the links below!

I’m so happy with the results of this quilt. My family is a little disappointed because it doesn’t have a minky or flannel backing… but let me tell you – it’s so much easier to sew normal fabric on the back of a quilt! It’s been a while since I’ve done that!

Finished shibori tie dye log cabin quilt

Quilt Details:

  • 48 x 72 : an extra-long throw
  • Hand-dyed tie dye fabric
  • Solid Navy (middle square & backing)
  • White dots on White Background (for some reason I can’t just buy WHITE fabric)
  • Navy with White Polka Dots (something from Joann’s
  • Twin Size Backing

First of all, you all know that I’m obsessed with the log cabin block. So simple and fast, but it really displays the fabric well. I also love mixing the modern aspects (negative space, straight-line quilting, TIE DYE) with a traditional pattern.

Finished shibori tie dye quilt log cabin pattern

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