I’m pretty excited to get sewing a few fall trends. Of course, when I’m sewing I try to make classic pieces that will last for years. But I have seen a few fall trends that I hope stick around for a long time…..

Fall Trends & DIY Alternatives 2016 Trending

A Few Trends

  1. Ruffle Sleeve: These seem to be everywhere and I love them!
  2. Reconstructed Denim
  3. Pink!
  4. Plaid (of course!), but I promise I have proof for this from the runway
  5. Jumpers: Sometimes I take a summer dress and put a white collared shirt under it, so maybe I’m ahead of the trend?

Fav Fall Trend Articles

  1. Fall 2016 Trends (Popsugar)
  2. Wearable Fall 2016 Fashion Trends (Glamour)
  3. Comprehensive Guide to the Fall 2016 Fashion Trends (Elle)

Fall Trends & DIY Alternatives 2016 DIY Options

DIY Alternatives

  1. Laurel Dress/ Top: I’ll be making the Laurel Top with flutter sleeves. You’ll see what fabric I chose soon!!
  2. Haven’t you seen this hashtag #therefashioners2016 on instagram?? Head to Goodwill and buy some jeans to cut up!
  3. Love blush fabrics!
  4. Robert Kaufmann has a few sophisticated options
  5. The Phoebe is a great option for the jumper trend!

Lace Sleeved Lane Raglan by Mostly Sewing

Yes, I made another Lane Raglan. I think this one only took 1.5 hours including cutting! I’m getting super speedy.

In case you’ve missed the other posts using this pattern, here’s a link to the Lane Raglan by Hey June Handmade. It’s my #1 pick for learning how to sew knits. You’ll get addicted (I definitely am!)

I’m pretty sure this one is my favorite, too. It’s SO PRETTY. A few years ago I bought an all-lace sweatshirt from Forever21 that I received a million compliments on (some people at my luxury fashion job asked if it was one of ours haha), so I wanted to add more dressed-up sweatshirts to my collection. View Post


Flashback Friday cross stitch projects from when I was a kid! And, of course, perfect for fall!

For this week’s Flashback Friday – a few cross stitch pillows I made when I was maybe 8-10 years old. I made the little scarecrow pillow and the 4-leaf pattern. My sister made the two pillows in the back – of course she made the cat pillow.

Flashback Friday cross stitch projects from when I was a kid! And, of course, perfect for fall!

These are so adorable, my mom keeps them displayed in a bowl during fall at her house. My mom cross-stitched a lot when we were young,  and every now and then we made something, too!

Flashback Friday cross stitch projects from when I was a kid! And, of course, perfect for fall!

These little pillows are basically the frame for the cross- stitch. I definitely cut the square too small when I was little… oops

Flashback Friday cross stitch projects from when I was a kid! And, of course, perfect for fall!

Obsessed with these little guys! I wish I could find the patterns for these little guys and share with you, but you’re all pretty smart and I think you could figure it out!

Happy Fall! Have a great weekend!!


So I’ve had this YouTube link over in my social icons, but never posted a video! So I finally got around to posting a video, and it’s all about the kind of crazy fabric shopping spree this month!


Please excuse the facial expression… Apparently, I’m not allowed to choose my own thumbnails on YouTube yet? Need to figure this out a little better.

And just ignore that I said “facebook video” in the beginning. It’s a little too late to edit it now 🙂


  1. Kaufman Mammoth Flannel Plaid – Scarlet
  2. Kaufman Framework Flannel – Gridwork White
  3. Telio Stretch Bamboo Rayon French Terry Knit – Charcoal
  4. Jersey Knit Solid – Smoke Grey
  5. Les Fleurs Charm Packs (they’re sold out of charm packs, so I linked to the layer cake)
  6. Les Fleurs Fat Quarter Bundle
  7. Kaufman Essex Linen Blend – Natural
  8. Kaufman Kona Solids Charm Pack – Cherrywood

It seems like this order was full of Robert Kaufman! I love my basics.

Hope you like my little video. I tried to sound less like a crazy person!


favorite knitting patterns for fall

Knitting is definitely the perfect cold-weather activity! You can bring your projects with you when you’re traveling, and it’s great for watching TV…


  1. Drapey Cardigan from Lion Brand Yarn
  2. Armor Scarf Pattern: I’m obsessed with this one!! Making it over the weekend!
  3. Classic Cuffed Hat: Love this classic pattern! I’ve made 2 already 🙂
  4. Classic Hemmed Crewneck Pattern: Looks like a good pattern to make in every color
  5. Friendly Fair Isle Sweater: I need to learn fair isle knitting, and this pattern would be a simple introduction… or I could try the free hat version

I always forget how much I love knitting until it’s time for fall and winter! What projects are you working on this season?


Hi Everyone! I realized I forgot to post my July mini scrapbook challenge summary, so I’ll include it with the August update.

In case this is your first time seeing my Scrapbook Sunday post, click here for the inspiration for this monthly challenge.

Unfortunately, it look like these mini albums aren’t so trendy anymore, and Michael’s & Joann’s haven’t been carrying them 🙁 I had to order additional pages on Amazon. I feel like I should have stocked up on the albums, because they were pretty cute and a great gift :/

Anyway, back to my monthly photos!


9 4 scrapbook july

  1. 4th of July: We participated in the usual 4th of July activities: local parade, lunch at the cafe, lots of ice cream, swimming, fireworks in town, etc. We started Whole30 the next day, so we were fitting in all the sugar and gluten that we could find.
  2. Whole30: We started on July 5th and stayed strong through the all 30 days! It was great to learn about how food affects our bodies and break some bad habits! More on that in this post...
  3. Shannon’s Bridal Shower: Just a fun day with one of our favorite girls! Lots of food (that we couldn’t eat because of Whole30) and glittery pineapples. Read more over here…
  4. Trip to Mood: Here’s a photo of me in my natural habitat… feeling all the pretty fabrics and dreaming up new projects!! To see everything I bought on that trip, read this post!
  5. Fishing on our lake! We were able to get a boat slip out on the lake near our house, and we love floating around every night. There’s a few restaurants and even a lake front ice cream shop!


9 4 scrapbook august

  1. NJ State Fair: Just having fun at the fair as usual! This FMX show was free, and really fun! And of course, I was slightly obsessed with the sheep! Maybe I’ll enter a quilt next year 🙂
  2. Tie Dye Quilt: Probably my new favorite quilt! I hand-dyed all the blue strips, and went with my favorite simple log cabin style. Click here for more details!
  3. VA Beach: I kind of felt like a pack animal carrying the beach chair, umbrella, beach bags, and towels… Then we only stayed on the beach for a few hours because it was SO HOT. And I got a little sunburned (despite reapplying SPF 50 multiple times).
  4. VA Beach: Neptune! Part of the reason I chose VA Beach for our weekend trip was because I had a 9-mile run that weekend! I knew the beach had a 3 mile boardwalk, and I wouldn’t get too lost running a straight line! Below is the Airbnb listing for the great place we stayed!
  5. Trip to PA: We went out to PA for Shannon’s other bridal shower. While we there, I was attacked by tiny adorable puppies!!

Bed & Bath Suite Close to Beach

Virginia Beach, VA, United States

Sunny and spacious, private bedroom with ensuite full bathroom located a short 10 minute walk (less than half a mile) from the ocean. Your bedroom suite is the ideal place to enjoy the best that Vi…

And that’s it for July & August! Can’t wait to see what’s coming up in September!

And don’t forget to preorder for the December Daily challenge! This kit is amazing, and I CAN’T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS.


September feels like the start of a new year, so here are a few of my goals and favorite planner supplies I'll be using to accomplish the goals!

I’m posting on a Thursday to talk about something non-sewing! Goals for September! And my planner!

First of all, where happened to August? It sort of dragged in the beginning, and then suddenly it was over. My goal for August was intentional media browsing. Instead of mindlessly clicking on whatever shows up on Pinterest, I thought of a topic I wanted to learn about and read a few articles.

This kind of worked out… Ideally, I would have had a different topic each week, but August was spent learning about Facebook Ads.

Second, September always feels like a second New Year. Even though I’m not in school, the start of school feels like another January 1st goal-setting time of year.

So these goals are a little broad – some goals go through the end of the year, but some are specific to this month.


  1. Learn about a new topic each week: This is a continuation of August’s goal.
    This week I’m learning about Pinterest (I signed up for the free Melyssa Griffin email class about Pinterest).
  2. Run, Run, Run: My 5k/10k/Half combo is Oct 15-16, and I’m getting ready! I planned ahead, so I’m already at 12 miles. Now I need to prepare for running 9 miles one day and 13 the next :/
  3. Get ahead on my blog 🙂 for once.
  4. Finish my 2015 scrapbook: Did I mention it’s not even started yet? Oh, and I have nothing for 2010-2014, but I’ll try working backwards? And current, at the same time.
  5. Clean Up My Laptop: Part of the scrapbooking goal – get all the pics off my computer and into an album. Then literally off my computer and onto a hard drive.

I think those are pretty big goals. Time to break them down into daily, manageable steps and write them in my


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Lane Raglan using a shimmer metallic French Terry! Perfect for Fall!

Well… I made another one 🙂 I’m getting so much faster with these Lane Raglans! I think this took less than an hour. Now, I just need to transfer the pattern pieces to cardboard so they’re easier to reuse. I also need to make the hoodie version of the pattern, but I know it won’t be quite as fast, and I’m enjoying the speed of these right now.

I used one of the French Terry fabrics that we found at Mood for this project. This one has metallic thread used throughout. It’s almost impossible to see in pics, so it kind of just looks brown 🙁

Lane Raglan using a shimmer metallic French Terry! Perfect for Fall!

Can you see the metallic??

Sewing with French Terry

I didn’t finish the edges, because I thought French Terry was like every other knit… but it’s not :/ it seems to leave some lint from the edges. We’ll see how it goes. It’s not unraveling, so maybe another round through the washer/dryer will help clean it up

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I lined a few overly-distressed spots with on my jeans with lace! Super simple project, and it looks really cute!

Happy Monday!

I was going through my alterations bin, and found these jeans at the bottom! I totally forgot that I was planning to fix the distressed holes. The jeans already had fabric backing some of the holes, but it wasn’t staying place…
I lined a few overly-distressed spots with on my jeans with lace! Super simple project, and it looks really cute!I lined a few overly-distressed spots with on my jeans with lace! Super simple project, and it looks really cute!

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When I was making the squares for my Wedding Ring Quilt, I had a lot of extra strips from charm packs of my favorite collections.

pile of scraps for my improv attempts with some of my favorite fabric!

With all these strips, I decided to make – you guessed it – mini log cabin blocks! They’re so cute! And these are some of my fabrics, so I was really excited to get into this particular stash pile 🙂

Because these were from charm packs, most of the strips were 1.5 x 5 inches… not quite big enough to do anything with. I had a few other scraps that were longer to use as the longest strips on the blocks.

Originally, I wanted the strips to be different widths, but it would have been more work – And I don’t think that’s how improv is supposed to be?

improv attempts with some of my favorite fabric!

It was nice just to pick up fabric without thinking too much. Sometimes I chose not to have a bunch of aqua strips in a row and would switch out an original pick with a different color, but it still looks pretty random…

I made eight little blocks to start with, but I still have a lot of scraps. Maybe I’ll keep adding on and see how big it is? I’ll guess if it’s not big enough for a throw quilt, I could make pillow covers or something.

improv attempts with some of my favorite fabric! improv attempts with some of my favorite fabric!

The first 8 blocks

improv attempts with some of my favorite fabric!

Love this stack of little blocks 🙂