quilt labels

Since I’ve been making more quilts and garments, I decided to buy some tags :)

Joann’s sells some labels that you can write on with marker, but it’s not really my style… And I don’t trust markers to stay on fabric. Bad experienceS washing signatures off of those jr high camp tshirts :'(

I also wanted something that would work for all the fabric things I make, so I started researching…

I decided on using It’s Mine Labels, because they had a pretty low cost for 100 labels (probably more than I need, but at least I’m ready!).


I think they’re so cute! Since I don’t name my quilts or anything, I didn’t need all the space to write those details. I just write the year at the end of the tab, and sew it on.

Here it in on the quilt…


I also love when embroidery is used for quilt labels – it’s such a great touch (and it won’t wash off). My embroidery skills are not that great, though, as you can see below. And sometimes the quilt just needs to be done!

Thanks for stopping by! What do you think of my labels?

jamies baby13

Irish Chain Crib Quilt

 photo 9 22 quilt-20_zpssqw8t5xc.jpg
Finally finished one of the baby quilts I’ve been working on! Probably a good thing, since my friend’s baby is due next week-ish…
I thought it was taking me a while, but turns out I was really watching too much Gray’s Anatomy. Too distracting. Once I closed myself in the craft room, I finished it up pretty quickly.

 photo 9 22 quilt-1_zpsbps3wfh0.jpg

my original plan was a square quilt, but then I liked it so much I added more rows to make it areal crib quilt. Required a lot of little squares….

 photo 9 22 quilt-3_zpszuzjyjw6.jpg

My pretty little stacks of squares :) Just used scraps from my collection, and I love it!

 photo 9 22 quilt-6_zpsefqrw4qq.jpg

Laying out the squares – apparently this is not the right way to make this type of quilt? I should read tutorials and directions before I start sewing…. but it turned pretty well :)

 photo 9 22 quilt-7_zpsziynw3gs.jpg

Sewing all the strips together…

 photo 9 22 quilt-10_zpsy8t5lkfd.jpg

Ironing ironing ironing

 photo 9 22 quilt-11_zpszqjyad52.jpg

Basting the layers…

 photo 9 22 quilt-14_zpsrgbqkpwg.jpg

Binding fabric! love love love

 photo 9 22 quilt-16_zpsxmikf1rh.jpg

Sewing the binding :)

 photo 9 22 quilt-15_zpsspojoqek.jpg

TAKING APART MY MACHINE CONSTANTLY. because it hates quilting

 photo 9 22 quilt-18_zpscrv1hcrf.jpg

I was trying to be artsy with the quilt, ok?? it didn’t work

 photo 9 22 quilt-19_zpsvssqod0l.jpg

Here it is completed! I know there are a lot of puckers in the fabric, but the colors are so fun! Hope the baby likes it!

September is here…

Fall is probably my favorite season. I love skiing and snow, but I wouldn’t want it to be winter forever (“Always winter, never Christmas…”). However, Autumn could last forever…

And with the cold weather approaching, it is finally acceptable to begin knitting. I think this year I will get over my irrational fear of knitting on the bus (realistically, a well-dressed 25-year-old will never resemble an old lady), and work on a sweater during my commute. I’ve never knit a sweater – and I’m a tiny bit scared of the time commitment – but I can’t wait to start!

I’ve been listening to the Woolful podcast during my long commute and learned I definitely need to properly block the yarn before I start knitting. I’ve never done that before…. I don’t want to invest in a beautiful yarn and ruin it by not blocking properly.

Woolful also talks about Brooklyn Tweed A LOT. Like, every episode. So I checked them out, and they have some of the most beautiful patterns I’ve seen.

I’m picky with clothing patterns, because I don’t want anything to look handmade: whatever I make needs to be beautiful and high-quality. Handmade garments should receive compliments, but not “oh, did you make that?” …. awkward.

With all of this in mind, I’ve been looking around for the perfect first sweater. I’m a good knitter, so I’m not super concerned about the difficulty, but I don’t want to choose something I will never finish.

One last thing – I really want to learn fair-isle knitting. SO PERFECT!!

ok, here are some of my favorite patterns.  photo 9 3 knitting_zpsee23yqir.jpg

Honestly, I will probably make them in this order… Writing this post has helped me decide what I want to do :) Now for buying the yarn….

  1. Bedford
  2. Stasis
  3. Driftwood
  4. Adara

Oh, well I just stumbled on the “cardigan” section of their website… I will definitely be making #1 on this list… the rest may change :)

I will be posting pictures of the process! My commute changed a little bit – so I’m driving the 1.5 hours each way to work right now – but once I’m back to riding the bus into NYC, I will be knitting!

Also, I just want to say that doing these “inspiration”-type posts all the time is not my favorite thing. I want to share more about my home and my sewing projects. I’ve been sewing a lot, but I don’t want to post too much since some are gifts. I have a few sneak peaks on Instagram, if you want to go look over there :)

Have a great Labor Day Weekend! Hoping I’ll be back online soon!

Log Cabin Quilt Inspiration

Since we bought our house, my mom has dropped off all her sewing materials in books here in an effort to clean our her own house. This is fine, but kind of funny because she brings stuff almost every time she comes over now.
 photo 8 12 log10_zpsldb4d3bc.jpg
She dropped off this Quilt in a Day book, and I pretty much ignored it… it looks so 80s!!!

 photo 8 12 log9_zps8rf0l5id.jpg How could I resist all the fun they must be having???

But the concept is actually amazing, because you really can make this quilt in a day. And now I’m dreaming of making a log cabin quilt….

While the book has some pretty off-trend fabric choices ( it was published in 1986), I love some of these modern log cabin quilt blocks using bright colors, pastels, or even solids…. really so many ways to be creative within a traditional pattern.

 photo 8 12 log3_zpseehrf9i1.jpg

Love these colors! Found this one on PrettyByHand.com – her blog is beautiful!

 photo 8 12 log1_zpszjqvurdc.jpg

This is the Summer Cabin Easy Quilt on Fons and Porter.com Is it weird that I love the solid neutrals the most??

 photo 8 12 log4_zps7z935f6h.jpg

SometimeCrafter.com posted this photo from the Country Living book “Making and Displaying Quilts.” I might have to buy it! and I love love love the concept of only 3 colors – perfectly simplistic.

I love them even more when I think of just buying a Moda Jelly Roll and not cutting any strips! Seriously, must be the easiest ever.

Trying to decide what I want to make for my king-sized bed quilt. Maybe Log Cabin? As much as I love it, I probably won’t make the big quilt out of it – but you’ll definitely see a throw size by the end of the year!!

on snapchat lately

 photo 8 18 snapchat-20_zpszlc9xtuy.jpg

I promise that I have this great editorial calendar planned with three posts every week, but it keeps getting messed up…

We went to New Hampshire one weekend to help a friend move, and while I was crafting (knitting a hat while Eric was driving), I was not writing blog posts :)

Aaaand all the books I had on hold at the library came in, so I’ve been trying to read those!! not enough time in the day!!

So last week was a little break from the pressure of blogging consistently, but I should be good for a while now.
 photo 8 18 collage-1_zpskx3ia6lh.jpg

 photo 8 18 collage-2_zpsno9pilj8.jpg

We love the NJ State Fair! We were only there for about 1 1/2 hours, but we know the best places to go….

The other reason for my blogging break – many of the projects I’m completing are actually gifts, so I can’t post on the blog in case one of the recipients sees them. Unfortunately, most are CHRISTMAS gifts, so I won’t be able to post about them for a really long time…. but good things to look forward to!

 photo 8 18 collage-5_zpsdrfxrj9p.jpg

random great things in my life… cacti, dinner in soho, our warehouse full of shoes and clothes, brunch at my parent’s restaurant with my family…

If you follow me on snapchat (daniellew1228), then you know what’s been going on in my real life adventures. I like to put together some of the pics for the blog… I know a lot of people who don’t use snapchat, but I don’t want them to miss out!

 photo 8 18 snapchat-15_zpstcbgs98p.jpg

we went sailing in NH because the weather was too beautiful to spend packing all day

 photo 8 18 collage-3_zpsybme9oou.jpg

 photo 8 18 collage-4_zpsdsxbrwln.jpg

spending a day on the lake with stef… but I could feel the sun block wasn’t strong enough and I was burning. My sister thought it was hilarious… Say no to skin damage!!

Refinished Dresser…

 photo 8 6 dresser-17_zpsb3kpztws.jpg

Eric and I had this old dresser – it got damaged from our fishtank, and I thought it was time to refinish it… I bought some cute knobs from Homegoods, but they didn’t match the knobs on the dresser.
 photo 8 6 dresser-2_zpsccz5jzos.jpg
 photo 8 6 dresser-1_zpstf0elguo.jpg
 photo 8 6 dresser-16_zpsrypbzllk.jpg

Here’s a photo of the damage …
 photo 8 6 dresser-3_zpscxdpkryq.jpg

Eric helping me by removing the drawer pulls….
 photo 8 6 dresser-4_zpsrqc0rfpq.jpg

In order to get rid of the 2 holes and only make 1, I had to use wood filler.
 photo 8 6 dresser1_zpsymvdrr7c.jpg


  1. Sanding down and smoothing the wood filler
  2. Measuring to find the center of the old drawer pull
  3. Mark the spot…
  4. Drilling the final hole…

1 coat on the drawers
 photo 8 6 dresser-15_zpsetxgnurj.jpg

1 coat on the dresser…
 photo 8 6 dresser-7_zpsxwylpv7v.jpg