knit donuts

like everyone else in the country, I am obsessed with donuts. I posted a couple weeks ago about all the new recipes and donut-themed product.

Well, I decided to knit some donuts.

Don’t think that I came up with this own my own though. I found it on pinterest. But it’s super adorable and uses one of my favorite brands of yarn – Sugar and Cream.

Click Here for the pattern. And this is their photo:

 photo 828donuts_zps7d35cdf2.jpg

My donuts look like this:

 photo 828knitdonuts_zps338274bc.jpg

I really wanted to add sprinkles… but haven’t had time and just really wanted to share this fun pattern! One donut took me about 2 hours (without adding sprinkles).

But you may ask – what in the world will i use knit donuts for???

Good question. I have no idea. But they’re cool. People will think you’re awesome for being able to knit – and not just knit a scarf, but knit a donut. Talent.

In other donut news – Below is a photo of donut peaches. For those times when you really want a donut but you know they’re bad for you.  photo 828donutpeaches_zps2385b488.jpg


Happy Thursday!!


I think this quilt will be the death of me. Not really, but it’s taking forever!! Probably because I forgot about it for 2 years (remember this? i thought there was a photo that accompanied that post)… it’s been sitting on a bed at my parents house, half-quilted, just waiting for me to finish the crazy stitch that I decided to use.

Quilting | Mostly Sewing

don’t use the wandering/meandering/random stitch (whatever this is called) on the entire body of anything other than a crib quilt. This is a twin.

I’ve also had several issues with my bobbin. First, I noticed this problem (apparently when I started this 2 years ago, I didn’t care and didn’t rip out the stitches. Now I’m just continuing in the same style since this will be used in a quest room for children)…


bobbin issues....


Next, the sewing machine was making loud noises while I was sewing, so I just took the box apart to examine the bobbin. I have had the same problem 2 other times. The needle and the bobbin will become un-synchronized, and then the needle is digging into the plastic part of the bobbin box. My husband usually fixes it by holding the bobbin still while moving the needle with the hand-turn, forcing the needle to fall back into the correct section.

* PS – I promise I cleaned out that ridiculous amount of dust and fuzz!! I’ve been making baby quilts, so this is what happened when you’re sewing with flannel and batting all day. * bobbin and needle problems
bobbin and needle problems...


Thanks for reading! Hopefully I’ll have a better update next time!!

chair makeover!

Eric and I found these chairs in the trash outside our apartment. They were really dirty, but after we cleaned them off they looked pretty good!

I like to paint everything white… so I knew this was the perfect opportunity!

 photo 826chair-9_zps64748f8e.jpg


I decided to spray paint this time, because I had never tried it before and thought I should try on something I didn’t care about too much…

 photo 826chair-2_zps05d96d8e.jpg

sanding… sanding… sanding…

 photo 826chair-8_zps91a60b05.jpeg

…. this is what happens when I do things out of order… struggles

 photo 826chair-7_zps7bfc1802.jpeg

pretty cool! but metallic paint is kind of difficult :(

 photo 826chair-6_zps1a2c18ae.jpg

it matches my sewing table :)

 photo 826chair-3_zps0a357012.jpg

hmm the running/ dripping issue is more obvious on the back of the chair

I love it! I definitely need more practice spray painting, but it was so much faster! The whole process only took 2 hours! Much better than paint brushing…

the best bracelets

I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve suddenly become obsessed with cuffs and bangles! As you can see below…. cuffs are probably my favorite

Through my entire life, I’ve never been a big jewelry wear-er. Jewelry has never been my thing because I felt it always inhibited my piano/violin playing…. you wouldn’t understand this unless you’ve had to practice music for several hours at a time.

But I’m really enjoying the bracelet trend currently, and I thought I’d share some inspiration!

Also – notice the beautiful TB FitBit Bracelet in the mix!! I love it!

*I originally titled this “the best GOLD bracelets,” but when I went on polyvore there were too many fun things to choose from…. so now it’s just the best bracelets, but mostly gold.

favorite bracelets

 photo 825gorjana_zps2680b327.jpg

scrapbooking progress: part 2

Click here to see the first post on my scrapbooking process…

A few weeks ago, A Beautiful Mess demonstrated sewing for scrapbooking, (weeks? That post is from June! Where has the summer gone?!) and I’ve been dying to try it.

I was going to use my instagram square photos in a coin collectors sheet (also on ABM), but I couldn’t find any and didn’t feel like ordering them online. I decided to glue the photos to scrapbook paper and try out the sewing technique.

I also used washi tape to style instagram photos in the last example…

 photo 822scrapbook1_zpscab5c573.jpg


 photo 822scrapbook2_zps0f9a57ad.jpg

 photo 822scrapbook4_zps5aae524b.jpg

 photo 822scrapbook3_zps858440b0.jpg

i accidentally sewed over eric’s eyes…. and chopped off his head…

 photo 822scrapbook5_zps00cc6bbb.jpg

and here is a sewing themed page! so cute, but i didn’t exactly know what to do with the paper or these stickers… Since the original paper sheet was 8×8, I couldn’t cover an entire page, but the trading card slots were perfect!

 photo 822scrapbook6_zpsa440d445.jpg

Just an adorable page using washi tape (and pics of my cousin’s baby!)

favorite slow cooker recipes

I’m a huge fan of my slow cooker. But whenever I tell people, they respond with “yea, I guess I use it for pulled pork or beef stew.”

Like those are the only two things you can make in a slow cooker.

I love dumping the ingredients in the morning and then coming home to a great-smelling apartment with dinner ready to devour ASAP. I’ve been told that I probably shouldn’t leave something plugged in and running all day when I’m not home. Oh well.

I found a ton of recipes on Six Sisters’ Stuff. And they make pretty large quantities, so I always have leftovers for lunch the next day

Here are some of my favorite not-pulled-pork-or-beef-stew recipes for the slow cooker:

The slow cooker has been a huge help as we try to save money and eat at home. If you don’t have one, you really need it. Definitely a must-have on a wedding registry. And they come in cool patterns! 

 photo 820crockpot_zpsdb85778e.jpg

alterations progress!!

I finally sat down and worked on the large bin of alterations. My sister is pretty cruel to her pencil skirts – She gave me 4 with the slits all pulled out. I also realized that double stick tape is not a permanent solution as an adult…

Pretty excited about having a dress, blazer, and pair of jeans! And I repaired one of Stef’s skirt (I didn’t have the color thread needed for the other skirts).
Didn’t take as long as I thought!

And sometimes you’re not a supermodel and need to hem your jeans 5 1/2 inches……

 photo 819alterations_zps1db63135.jpg

 photo 819hemming_zps6b209593.jpg