I’m getting really excited about sewing clothing during Me Made May 🙂 I’ve been looking at summer fashion trends and found a few similar DIY trends!

Spring Summer Fashion Inspiration:

summer fashion inspiration

A Few Favorite Trends

  • Crop Tops and High Waisted Skirt: oooo mixed prints
  • Off the Shoulder & Floral: two favorite things!
  • Drop waist, loose fitting peplum: Love the less structured peplum look
  • T-shirt and Jeans: and you really need a great handbag…. so you don’t look too underdressed
  • Rompers: and this one is floral, so even better!

Summer DIY Fashion Alternatives:

Summer Fashion DIY roundup

Patterns and Tutorials for the trends:


I’m currently building my handmade wardrobe, so I’ve been working on basics. One of my goals this year was to buy intentionally, which led to wearing more neutrals. I want to purchase items that will last a long time and I’ll be able to wear forever. Of course, this applies to handmade clothing, and even more so because I took the time to buy fabric and sew it together! definitely not fast fashion….

And I think that if I spend less money/time at forever 21, I’ll be able to build a wardrobe that I really love for years to come.

PS – I don’t care how long culottes are in style, I will not wear them, and I’m not convinced they even look good on fashion bloggers….

Hope you have a great weekend!!


I used cotton and steel backing to sewing this fun vinyl zip pouch with a clear front!
I keep seeing these adorable pouches with clear vinyl all over pinterest and instagram. This fabric was so perfect for the pouch, and I love it!


  • Zipper (I used a 7″ zipper, but it was definitely too short to work well)
  • 2 strips of 1.5″ fabric for sewing the zipper. These need to be as long as the zipper….
  • 2.5″ binding fabric
  • Front and Back piece in the full size you want the pouch
  • Interfacing
  • Vinyl piece: full size less the zipper portion (or you can make it the full size and trim down later)

I read over this tutorial before working on my pouch.

Step 1: preparing the zipper

Press a 1/4″ seam on the two strips used for the zipper

Vinyl Zip Pouch tutorial, preparing the zipper

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monogram napkins made with target napkins and simple embroidery skills

Is it too soon for another napkin or embroidery tutorial? Maybe… but these monogram napkins are so cute and fun, I had to share!

I bought this 4-pack of napkins from Target for $9.99, then washed and dried them as normal. They need to be washed and dried before embroidery so it doesn’t shrink later and mess up your embroidery!

I wanted each napkin to look the same, so I printed a 2.5-inch W in a cool font on normal paper, then traced onto some leftover water-soluble paper.

You can also do this with a disappearing marker, chalk pencil, or water-soluble pen, although I think the chalk would probably wipe off the fabric as you work with it.

tracing a letter to embroider onto my neutral napkins

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DIYs for the perfect picnic! Need this as the summer gets started!

With summer starting and Memorial Day around the corner, picnic season is here! I found a few super cute picnic must-haves that you can make and use for the whole summer!

  1. The Perfect Picnic Blanket
    I plan on using my t-shirt quilt for picnics, but I LOVE this watermelon quilt by Suzy Quilts! It’s perfect for summer.
  2. Basket/ Tote
    I love the water bottle tote, which is perfect for beach trips!
    Here’s a pattern for an insulated tote, and you can use this all the time for grocery shopping!
  3. Anything Gingham…
    You can’t eat outside without gingham! Fortunately, Amazon lists a bunch of colors and check sizes of gingham…. pick out your favorite!
    Here’s my tutorial for napkins! This is a great sustainable option, and you won’t leave any trash around outside 🙂
  4. Plates and Utensils
    So you can’t sew them, but they’re cheap and perfect for outdoor dining.
    I love these disposable wooden utensils. Yes, disposable, but better than plastic.
    And here are some compostable/disposable wooden plates.

Are you ready for picnic season? What are some of your favorite DIY projects for summer dining?


Common alterations using the blind stitch foot. This foot makes it super easy to hem everything!

Sooo my alterations pile is pretty large…. and old. I have items in there from over a year ago. Maybe more. My sister will be so happy to hear that I’m finally getting some of these finished up for her!

I thought I’d share some of my alteration progress on the blog to keep myself a little bit accountable.

Starting with some hem projects using my blind hem foot!

blind stitch foot by janome

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me-made may 2016 projects

Since I’ve been living in the quilting world lately, I was really happy to learn about Me-Made May and start building my handmade wardrobe.

I don’t have a goal to wear something handmade every day – unfortunately, I do not have that many handmade items 🙁 . But I’ve bought a few PDF patterns, and I’ve been busy busy sewing! View Post


National Scrapbook Day is tomorrow, so here's a few perfect supplies for the holiday!

Did you know National Scrapbook Day is the first Saturday of May?? I just found out, and I’m super excited!

Step 1: Order Pics!

Shutterfly is having unlimited free 4×6 prints when you order through the app… of course, you can make Shutterfly albums on your computer and them order them on your phone 🙂 I ordered a lot of pics.

Remember how I’m working through all of my college albums? So I ordered all of sophomore year, and I’m ready to knock it out! Can I do a whole a year in one day? I think so. My goal is just to have them in an printed and off my computer.

Step 2: Gather Supplies

Um, I have a lot supplies 🙂 So I’m always prepared for National Scrapbook Day! I love using alphabet stamps, because I tend to run out of alphabet sticker letters. And my mom & sister bought me a messy box subscription last year, so I have that to work with.

Here are a few necessities:

Step 3: Reserve your dining room table and get to work!

You’ll need space to sort your pictures and lay out all the paper. I’ll be working at my dining table all day long 🙂 I also have a long queue of podcasts to get me through


So lucky to find a white sheet at goodwill to tie dye! only $8!

I tried Shibori Tie Dye last year and I couldn’t wait to try the project again. I pinned this amazing tie dye quilt some time last year, and I’ve been dreaming of it ever since.

Recently, I realized the fabric opportunities in the Goodwill sheet section and started hunting at least once a month. I’m not quite brave enough to search through all the clothing…. so overwhelming.

Tips for Goodwill shopping

  • Be Super Picky: I will only buy 100% cotton sheets, and I’m looking for pieces that will work well as  backing for a quilt.
  • Make sure it’s cheap enough: I’ve picked up $7 dresses brand new at Old Navy, so it needs to be an AMAZING deal for me to consider it.
  • Wash & Dry everything… several times. Sometimes that smell takes a while to get out.

When I last went to Goodwill, I was planning on dying the pieces, so I only looked through the white clothing… didn’t really find anything exciting. And honestly, I don’t wear that much tie dye.

Then I found the King Size white 100% cotton sheet, and I was so excited!! It was only $7.99!

Tie Dye Process

  1. Cut the fabric into manageable pieces: you’ll probably also cut the elastic off, so it lies flat 🙂 I cut the sections to around 44″ wide, similar to standard fabric.
  2. Fold anyway you want! : There’s a lot about shibori tie dye techniques on pinterest, so look up some inspiration!
  3. Prepare the Dye Vat: I went with a Navy Rit Dye this time, instead of the true indigo dye… mostly because I was running behind and didn’t have time to wait for 2-day Prime Shipping.
  4. Soak the fabrics in clean water: The fabric absorbs the dye better when wet…
  5. Place fabric in the Dye Vat and leave for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Rinse the fabric until the water runs clear
  7. Wash and Dry as normal

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the productive app has been amazing for tracking daily habits. my favorite goal-keeping app so far

I found this app back in January, and it’s been really helpful for tracking habits and making me feel a little guilty 🙂 I just upgraded to the full version, because I wanted to add more than 5 habits this month. I have more goals this month, and I’ve gotten more consistent with my blog, and I need to streamline how I get everything done.

Some of these things are items I need to do EVERY DAY, and that’s where this app is helpful.

For to-do lists and shopping lists, I use a combo of my paper planner (crazy old-fashioned, I know) and the Clear App. (whoa, as I was looking up the link for Clear, I learned it can be used on my Mac, not just my iphone. Need to investigate this more). At work, we use Google Tasks and all the google work apps.

So, let me tell you about my goals for the month.

PS – this isn’t sponsored by Productive or anything, just wanted to share something useful!

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learn how to translate all teh markings on a sewing pattern!

I have to admit, I did not know how to read a pattern when I started sewing. I didn’t know what all the notches were or how to match them. Surprisingly, the garments were wearable, but not necessarily smooth and pretty. I was only 15, but I’m hoping that you won’t have to go through that same pain 🙂


TAKE SOME MEASUREMENTS! the sizing on a sewing pattern is completely different from the sizing at Old Navy. Don’t go crazy if you buy a size 4, but when you sew it’s a size 8 or 10. Just know it will fit you.

If none of the sizes match you exactly, go with the larger size. You can always take in later, but you don’t want to squeeze into something that you custom made for yourself! It should fit you perfectly!

On the paper pattern, they will make each size a different style of line, and you just need to cut out that line.

The Plantain Shirt I made recently was a French pattern, so the sizing was very different. But I just matched my measurements (in inches or centimeters), and cut out the correct line.

How to Read a Pattern: Sizing Guide

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